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Monday August 16 2021


East African Classic Safari Rally Championship Managing Director Lynn Tundo. PHOTO | DIANA NGILA | NMG


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  • Since childhood, she has been the unseen hand directing her family’s rallying exploits. For the duration of a novel rally, her administration skills had been so impressive that the original house owners of the company that runs the East African Classic Safari Rally determined to head-hunt her to come the match to its glory.

In Kenya’s rallying circles Tundo is a family name. It is miles complex to luxuriate in a chat about the country’s rallying historical past without its mention and the girl at the assist of that success is Lynn Tundo.

Since childhood, she has been the unseen hand directing her family’s rallying exploits. For the duration of a novel rally, her administration skills had been so impressive that the original house owners of the company that runs the East African Classic Safari Rally determined to head-hunt her to come the match to its glory.

Diana Ngila met the original East African Classic Safari Rally Championship (EASRC) Managing Director in Nairobi to know her brains ahead of the November rally. She was accompanied by the company’s proprietor Joey Ghose, himself an done rally driver.

You is also a woman of many firsts; first-ever girl clerk of the path, and now managing director of EASRC. How dwell you dwell it?

It’s most incessantly a male-dominated sport, however I’ve been inquisitive about motorsport most of my existence, kindly from the age of 13. My brother started rallying within the novel safari and so I was inquisitive about helping him. Then my husband Frank started rallying, followed by my son and later my daughter. So, I’ve by no plan been ready to cessation. And I’ve continuously been organising for them, the service and that form of whisper.

What role does the clerk of the path play?

The clerk of a path organises the rally. You’ve got an match director, which is what I’m for this coming rally, however the clerk of the path goes around, finds all routes, does the whole notes, and ensures safety.

How did you change into the first girl clerk of a path?

Having lived in Nakuru most of our married existence, I was interesting with the Rift Valley Membership for just a few years, after which went away, came assist, and so they made me chairman, then clerk of the path for one of their Nakuru rallies.

At the Rift Valley Motor Membership, we determined to walk about a classic rallies, and that’s how I met Jay (Joey Ghose) who had come from the UK to know half in our rallies.


East African Classic Safari Rally Championship MD Lynn Tundo and company’s proprietor Joey Ghose. PHOTO | DIANA NGILA | NMG

So, you bought right here to know half within the rally and ended up owning the company that runs it. Why did you judge Lynn as this rally’s match director?

(Joey Ghose) The first rally I met Lynn, is the Prime Fry Classic Rally in 2017. I felt it was completely organised. It was like the aged days after I was rising up in Kenya, and therefore felt she was the appropriate individual that might perhaps perhaps also lift to fruition the vision of the East African Safari Rally that we grew up with.

It {vision} was no longer the escape we glimpse with at this time time’s trendy high velocity machines, however extra like a sprint thru East Africa. Lynn and I shared a overall purpose, that’s why we gelled.

(Lynn Tundo) Describing EASRC as a sprint in location of a escape brings to mind Neil Vincent. He is credited as one of the important pioneers of this thrill-looking for match. It is miles reported that he acknowledged, he’d reasonably derive within the vehicle, slam the door, force midway at some level of Africa and the first vehicle home is the winner.

Yes. It’s about endurance, that’s what the aged Safari Rally was about. After we had the novel Safari Rally, whilst you drove sensibly for the 7/10 days, you might perhaps perhaps possibly also dwell and likewise you’d dwell completely. Ought to you went flat out, you’d spoil your vehicle, after which you’d be out. So it’s about endurance, conserving the vehicle, having fun with the environment, and no longer going flat out.

Nonetheless then who wins if we’re all going so slowly?

(Joey Ghose) No, they’re no longer going slowly. They’re going slower than the trendy rally, which is quick and angry, with short levels, and sprints. With trendy autos, the sooner you walk, the upper your potentialities of winning.

Ours is 4,000 competitive kilometres thru both Kenya and Tanzania. Nonetheless, on legend of of Covid-19, this twelve months we determined it will doubtless be too delicate to harmful borders given the huge team of folks so saved it in Kenya, however added extra areas than previously.

This twelve months the rally will walk to Northern Kenya a puny. We’ll launch in Naivasha, then head to Nakuru, Kerio Valley, Laikipia, Meru, Embu, after which harmful over to Amboseli, real like the novel rally, and lastly dwell at the Coastal position.

With the ardour that the diversified rally (Safari Rally) generated, dwell you dangle right here goes to be equally as positive?

(Lynn Tundo) I am hoping it’s going to be extra positive. We’re using on the assist of that Safari Rally. Now we luxuriate in 70 autos entered, they’d 34 and now we luxuriate in entrants coming from 14 countries, with 45 in one more country entrants.

Our rally is bringing just a few folks collectively. We’re talking about an entourage of 700 folks, going around Kenya each day. It’s an spy-opener for them, so with any luck they’ll come assist and walk to the parks.

How will you’re taking care of the logistics of titillating 700 folks around?

(Lynn Tundo) It’s a logistical nightmare. Finding beds in these areas is stressful, and already folks are complaining “we are in a position to’t derive a bed!”. Nonetheless now we must spy after the service crews and the drivers. Ought to you’re taking into legend it, each entrant will lift about 10 folks. So that you’ve got to derive obvious they’ve got to luxuriate in first dibs at the lodging.

You acknowledged they’re classic autos, which plan they luxuriate in the aged college spy. What about beneath the hood?

(Joey Ghose) The cutoff date for the autos is 1985. You cannot luxuriate in a four-wheel-force , a turbo-charged or extensive-charged vehicle. The level is we desire to shield it aged college, so the autos remain as they had been pre-1985.

(Lynn Tundo) You’d be a great deal surprised how quick some of them are. The basics of the vehicle remain the identical. With trendy technology, on at this time time and age you might perhaps perhaps possibly also engage a vehicle which is cessation to a World Championship Rally Car {efficiency clever}, and that might perhaps perhaps also very effectively be a topic on legend of the value additionally goes up to that stage. So as to respond to your query, one of the important explanations we took over this rally, was affordability to the final entrant. It was going out of reach.

In 2019, we had 20 entries. This twelve months, now we luxuriate in 70. It real goes to show that we’ve made obvious regulation changes that luxuriate in long gone on to derive the match inexpensive, resplendent, clear, and fun.

At the cessation of the day, we’re doing this for fun. We dwell no longer desire a topic where one has to exercise $500,000 to come for the match after which is elephantine of stress for 10 days to are trying to prefer it at all prices.

That’s no longer what the East African Classic Rally was or will ever be about. It’s about having fun, showcasing our stunning country, and attracting extra folks to come and search suggestion from Kenya.

Is rallying a family whisper?

(Joey Ghose) Yes, it’s. In case your loved ones is no longer at the assist of you, then there might be too distinguished stress. Drawing from my rallying days, 40 years ago, till you come dwelling after each rally, they’re harassed. Nonetheless within the event that they’re with you, being half of the team, then the stress is less, the fun is extra and the total family enjoys.

We’re a family of four, I luxuriate in two younger folks, a son, and a daughter. They acknowledged I wished a capacity to sit down down assist, and since I don’t like trendy-day rallying, they advised the Classic Rally might perhaps perhaps also very effectively be the formula out. Because of this the family needs to be interesting. We work for the family, so the fun must be with the family.

(Lynn Tundo) Frank and I did his first rally collectively. At the cessation of it, I acknowledged to him, I dangle if we desire to shield married we’ll derive you one more navigator! (bursts in laughter).


You realize what it’s like with wives, husbands don’t believe their sense of path. After we stutter turn kindly, they quiz “are you obvious?”. Yes, I’m obvious, turn kindly! This twelve months’s rally incessantly is the first time the total family is interesting. I’ve got my daughter helping us walk this match. My son {Carl} is doing it, so is my husband, and my diversified son from Dubai who has by no plan rallied, and is coming to total it with Frank.

That’s what it’s all about. When all people was rallying, I was continuously there on the sidelines, I couldn’t sit down at dwelling. I continuously went to revel in it, made them sandwiches, and made obvious that the windshields had been neat. It’s real a family whisper.

How dwell you derive corporates to sponsor you?

(Joey Ghose) At the same time as you occur to spy at our rally, you’ve got 700 folks titillating around on a conventional foundation, and with media, the publicity is humongous. The 14 entries unfold from Hong Kong to the US. Now we luxuriate in drivers like Ken Block, Patrick Sandell from Sweden, Ian Duncan from Kenya as effectively as the Tundos (Carl and Frank), the Savages (Jonathan and Sebastian), and the Lee Roses from South Africa.

The rally shall be broadcast in 50-60 countries, reaching an target audience of 200-300 million folks. That is huge publicity to clear companies and Kenya. 

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