Ntimama kids recall Sh100m fund case against brother-in-law

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Friday October 08 2021


Oldschool cabinet minister William ole Ntimama. PHOTO | FILE

Children of the dreary Cabinet minister William Ole Ntimama comprise won a dispute difficult an funding fund worth Sh100 million managed by Britam #ticker:BRIT.

The court ruled that their mom Dorcas Pedelai Ntimama, who died in June this one year, is the sole proprietor of the funds.

Dorcas held the funding story with her dreary daughter Vivian Talash Ntimama, the court found.

Vivian’s husband, Erick Kimani had claimed stake in the fund because the administrator of her property after she handed on in January 2020 on the age of 42.

Vivian and her mom had the signing and operations mandate of the story location up in January 2018.

Court docket papers level to that Vivian’s property took the pickle that she turned into once no longer staunch a signatory to the story however also a joint subscriber and proprietor.

Dorcas invested phase of her inheritance from Ole Ntimama, who died in September 2016, with Vivian, a name allegedly urged by her husband’s will.

In step with the dreary baby-kisser’s Will dated June 24, 2015, properties bequeathed to Dorcas had been to be inherited by his final-born daughter Vivian together with land in Lavington Estate and CIS Mara/Olopito.

In consideration, Ole Ntimama had urged Vivian to diagram provision for the upkeep, comfort and maintenance of his associate Mama Dorcas and to on the total engage care of her during her existence.


Just a few of the opposite Ole Ntimama kids – Amos, Timothy, Sanau, Lydia and Sanaipei – had been appointed because the mom’s moral guardians and executives of her affairs after she turned into once diagnosed with dementia and memory loss.

Thru prison professional Omwanza Ombati, the siblings adverse their brother-in-law’s scream to the story, arguing that their sister Vivian turned into once no longer a joint investor or proprietor of the funds held by Britam however turned into once “merely a signatory for the capabilities of aiding their mom Dorcas”.

Faced with two rival claims, Britam Asset Managers, a unit of Britam Community, turned into once caught in a predicament. It decided to manner the court searching for support in figuring out whom between the property of Vivian and that of Dorcas is entitled to the funds.

The dispute stemmed from the family’s contrast on the operation and administration of the funds with Britam caught in the center on whose directions to comprise a look at.

Within the ruling rendered on Friday by Justice Alfred Mabeya on behalf of Justice Francis Tuiyott, the Excessive Court docket in Nairobi, the make a name famed that the joint story opening develop (filled by Vivian and Dorcas) turned into once silent on how their respective pursuits had been to be treated in the tournament of loss of life.

Further, there turned into once no evidence that the mom and daughter had an settlement on this regard.

“The court, therefore, takes it that, without more, the pickle to initiate is that Mama Dorcas is the sole proprietor of the monies in the checking story. Right here is on story of Vivian predeceased Mama Dorcas,” mentioned the make a name.

He mentioned that the law presumes that, unless expressly mentioned to the opposite, beefy ownership of a joint checking story passes to the surviving joint proprietor upon the loss of life of a co-proprietor.

The property of Vivian had urged the court to salvage that there turned into once a presumption of advancement of the funds in the mentioned story to Vivian.

Nonetheless, the court mentioned that even when Ole Ntimama’s Will level to every thing he had bequeathed his associate Dorcas turned into once to cross on to Vivian, on the funds the Will would now not expose the monies had been to revert to Vivian.

“Evidence that emerged is that even when Mama Dorcas invited Vivian as a co-signatory and 2d subscriber to the story, the funds in the story belonged fully to Mama Dorcas,” mentioned Justice Tuiyott.

Issue on costs

The court slapped the property of Vivian with costs incurred by Britam in the moral dispute on story of it had insisted on getting what would now not belong to it.

“Had the occasion who’s no longer the proprietor of the funds no longer insisted on them, then Britam have not got been keep in area. It is some distance that occasion that brought about Britam to incur costs and costs. It is some distance that occasion that need to meet Britam’s costs of those complaints,” the make a name ruled.

Children of the dreary baby-kisser and the property of Vivian will undergo their have costs.

While making the expose on costs, the make a name famed that the events are “members of one family and as demonstrated by the dispute, there is already a wedge between them”. An expose of costs would possibly per chance well well no longer support in therapeutic the adaptations, mentioned the make a name.

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