Daddies of 2! Lance Bass and Michael Turchin Staring at for Boy/Girl Twins: ‘It is Going to Be Implausible’

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Lance Bass and his husband Michael Turchin are going to be dads!

After Bass shared a nervousness movie trailer TikTok hinting at the news Tuesday afternoon, PEOPLE can exclusively share that the artist, 34, and *NSYNC alum, 42 — who were married since 2014 — are waiting for their first adolescence: boy-girl twins in November.

“It has been barely the high-tail,” Bass tells PEOPLE, referring to years of surrogacy makes an attempt, failed IVF remedies and a miscarriage.

Learn below for the plump Q&A:

PEOPLE: Congratulations — so excited for you two! I sign it be been quite loads of years in the making — what’s it love to know you are in the damage going to be dads?!

Lance: You bear your imaginative and prescient of the device in which it be all going to head, upright? After we went into IVF and surrogacy, we had no opinion what it used to be all about. Slightly noteworthy everybody we’ve identified had inappropriate very most realistic fortune in the origin. The most necessary time they tried it, it very most realistic did no longer work. And I essentially feel love that is such a usual ingredient. And it be gargantuan that we’re in a articulate to chat about this on story of a type of times I would bear that couples essentially feel very alone in that enlighten. However to know that other other folks are going by the same right ingredient, it be essentially comforting.

Michael: We went by nine completely different egg donors, which is odd. We picked a donor for some of them. We obtained your entire methodology down the direction of about to retrieve their eggs. Some very most realistic would no longer variety satisfactory eggs, some weren’t upright genetic matches. If you is known as a match, you manufacture no longer would like to even possibility it.

Courtesy of Lance Bass Lance Bass and Michael Turchin     

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Lance: After we had been pregnant final year, our surrogate miscarried whereas being pregnant with twins. Ought to you snappy forward and be love, “Oh, what’s the wedding going to be love? Oh, if they could perhaps well perchance bear young other folks, I traipse to be a grandparent?” You very most realistic automatically keep this on your head. And it be very disappointing when that dream will get popped.

Michael: This time around, we needed to open in all locations again from the origin. No longer simplest did we’ve to derive a brand new egg donor now on story of we came upon out she had early lupus, nonetheless on top of that, when we did our egg retrieval, we simplest had two healthy embryos. In total, the quantity’s noteworthy increased. So we keep both in and once she miscarried, we needed to open in all locations from scratch again this past year.

Lance: And throughout a pandemic.

Michael: We came upon our surrogate by the company called Elevate. I felt uncover it irresistible used to be supposed to be. We had been very most realistic at a restaurant a number of months after the miscarriage and a obliging friend of ours, [actor] Taylor Frey, who we hadn’t viewed in a truly lengthy time, happened to lumber by the avenue. His company offered us to this one surrogate and she or he ended up being a gargantuan match. And the same with the egg donor. 

PEOPLE: That is satisfactory. Successfully, what used to be it love to know your surrogate used to be pregnant?

Lance: Thanks to what we’ve been by the final four years, we had been very cautious to derive excited. And it type of sucks on story of if you occur to uncover you are pregnant, you must always have to bear to celebrate with your household. You open planning their future on your head already, nonetheless we had been so nervous on story of we did not want to battle by the nervousness again of shedding them. We told our friends and household in regards to the ninth week, when we in the damage felt at ease. You bear you will jinx it or one thing. 

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Courtesy of Lance Bass

PEOPLE: What used to be it love deciding whose sperm to make enlighten of? I do know you talked about genetic matches. Used to be it delicate?

Lance: It wasn’t very delicate. We had been talking about having a household since we met. We bear now been together for 10 years. We regularly knew that if we had been going to open the household, we wished to head for twins very most realistic on story of Michael’s a twin — he is a boy/girl twin. And he very most realistic cherished that trip. I regularly wished to bear a twin, nonetheless we’re love, “Successfully, that is so splendid on story of now we are in a position to achieve one of mine, one of yours.” It used to be a no-brainer!

Michael: After we did the egg retrieval, he fertilized half, I fertilized half. And fortunately, they all turned out gargantuan. 

Lance: We took the two healthiest embryos, and keep them in, and it perfectly match with our plans.

PEOPLE: I essentially feel love we will be in a articulate to repeat when they method out as carbon copies of you two! What’s it love navigating the surrogate’s being pregnant as pleased men?

Lance: I grew up on this household unit where I dreamt of getting an adolescent and having that dynamic. And regularly on your existence you’re feeling love, “K, I traipse to by no manner be in a articulate to bear that. I’m no longer supposed to bear that.” However now we’re realizing, “No, we attain want that. We deserve that and we are in a position to bear this.” And I love that our mentality is indubitably altering in the neighborhood. There are no longer many gargantuan examples of pleased couples having households in the overall public glance. We knew that we wished to be very start and transparent with our trip on story of we wished pleased couples to be in a articulate to recount to us and utter, “Oh my gosh, we’re going by that too.” Or love, “Oh, now that is, with somewhat of luck, what we are in a position to achieve.” And give them a type of a blueprint of techniques to achieve it. If you must always have to bear to open that household, open that household. It’ll be amazing. 

PEOPLE: How attain you’re feeling about having both a boy and a girl?

Lance: We regularly knew we wished no longer lower than two young other folks, it will likely be fantastic to bear a boy and a girl very most realistic to indubitably feel the experiences of elevating both or no topic they stop up being. I feel it be very most realistic unbelievable that science has gotten this far where we are in a position to manufacture the healthiest human beings ever. And I am hoping in our lifetime, we will be in a articulate to glance the full world be in a articulate to achieve this.

Michael: Yeah. And with somewhat of luck this’ll change into more life like. On story of especially with so many pleased households, they stop up spending so noteworthy of their money, all their financial savings, for that one try to it would not work. It is love, “Successfully, what can we attain now?” So with somewhat of luck it moves in that route where it becomes possible for everybody.

PEOPLE: When are the infants due?

Lance: In early November, nonetheless I settle on them to derive here sooner than Halloween, on story of I settle on them to be Halloween infants. They manufacture no longer bear any preference nonetheless to love Halloween on story of I’m obsessed and they’re going to be obsessed.

PEOPLE: And your TikTok announcement taps into that, upright?

Lance: I love Halloween. After I came upon out that they had been going to be coming at Halloween, I at the moment opinion, “Our child announcement must be some type of Halloween theme. Likely we are in a position to also simply restful attain a movie trailer, a nervousness movie trailer where we manufacture no longer indubitably utter it. You bear to figure it out.” And so that is what we did. And so we called my very most realistic friend, Colton Tran, who’s an amazing nervousness director. We did it inner three days. We had it written and all the pieces, we shot it one day and edited it one other day and it used to be ready. So I used to be so delighted with the device in which it came out. Michael must be on board with all my crazy suggestions.

Michael: Firstly, we had been love, “Yeah, let’s very most realistic attain a truly straight forward TikTok video.” However then, surely, Lance keep it to a brand new stage.

Lance: I love doing issues mountainous.

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PEOPLE: What are you most taking a sign forward to with your infants?

Michael: Moral the real fact that they are going to, I indicate with somewhat of luck, love every other. I love my sister, we had been finest friends and that used to be the cool segment rising up — I regularly had a finest very most realistic friend with me your entire time. I used to be by no manner bored. That connection is ravishing rare to bear with a sibling if you occur to are that shut. It is very most realistic a extremely special relationship and I’m excited to glance that play out with our young other folks.

PEOPLE: I love that. Who had been the first other folks you told in regards to the being pregnant?

Lance: It used to be positively our mothers.

Michael: Yeah. And I waited till after you told your mother.

Lance: I’m in a position to no longer wait. I’m in a position to no longer defend my mouth shut, nonetheless my mother’s the one who used to be doubtlessly the most nervous. She did not even settle on to know. 

Michael: That’s the reason I did not repeat. I did not want to repeat my oldsters except I knew it used to be more obvious very most realistic on story of otherwise my mother would query me every single day, “What’s doubtlessly the most modern? What’s doubtlessly the most modern?” And she or he restful does it now. However except it used to be love we had been more in the clear, I very most realistic could perhaps well perchance not address that. 

Lance: And then surely our true assistant, Lisa. The giant title of The Circle. She noticed the full route of, so she knew all the pieces.

Courtesy of Lance Bass Lance Bass and Michael Turchin     

PEOPLE: How’s the dwelling going to replace?

Michael: We’re at the side of a nursery and a brand new bathroom for them. So they’ve their very dangle slight region.

Lance: We will likely be living in Miami half of the year on story of Michael’s from Miami. We map on residing down there and having the young other folks loyal shut to the grandparents so they’ll method to babysit loads. We will be splitting our time between Miami and L.A.

PEOPLE: I love that. Is there one thing that you simply guys had been most taking a sign forward to being dads — every of you?

Michael: I traipse to bear interaction his acknowledge. I’m taking a sign forward to celebrating your entire holidays by the eyes of a kid now. We’re adults now and Christmas type of loses its luster, your entire holidays attain.

Lance: It is methodology higher by an adolescent’s eyes.

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Michael: Exactly. Delight in we know we’ve been by all of it love, “Oh, one other vacation.”

Lance: I’m excited to be in a articulate to make a choice them to Disney for the first time and their first Halloween trick or treating.

Michael: I very most realistic can no longer defend up for them to bear such delighted experiences. I’m going to derive that happiness very most realistic by seeing them so delighted.

PEOPLE: Agree with you ever guys opinion of names?

Lance: We bear now opinion of a type of names. We’re ravishing articulate on what we predict we will name them. It can perchance well perchance replace by October, nonetheless upright now we’re taking a sign at household names. We love our other names, also our grandparents bear essentially gargantuan names. We’re type of striking those together on story of it will likely be fantastic to be in a articulate to traipse down some household names to them.

PEOPLE: So that you simply are announcing that Justin, JC, Chris and Joey are off the table?

Lance: Successfully, they’ll also restful be.

Michael: Yeah, indubitably that is one of their names. The plump title. That is the boy’s title. [laughs]

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