Kelly Hu’s feature as a breast most cancers affected person in new Lifetime movie was as soon as all too acquainted: ‘I even indulge in reasonably a number of journey, sadly’

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Kelly Hu explains why her next project is especially personal. (Photo: Chris Delmas/AFP via Getty Images)

Kelly Hu explains why her subsequent challenge is particularly interior most. (Photo: Chris Delmas/AFP by arrangement of Getty Pictures)

For Kelly Hu, the actress on the again of complex characters in motion motion pictures similar to X2: X-Males United and The Scorpion King and TV’s Arrow, portraying a breast most cancers affected person, within the upcoming Lifetime movie List of a Lifetime, was as soon as a huge gamble to play in opposition to variety and delve into a global that is section of her honest lifestyles.

“I even indulge in reasonably a number of journey, sadly, with breast most cancers in my family. My mother, my grandmother — I even indulge in an aunt who truly passed from breast most cancers — and so, yeah, it was as soon as variety of cathartic,” Hu tells Yahoo Leisure. “I no doubt feel esteem, you know, going through this movie variety of felt esteem getting to indulge in reasonably little bit of alter over getting the message out there, getting girls people to obtain themselves checked and variety something about it, due to I non-public reasonably a number of girls people, when they obtain a prognosis, are afraid, afraid to movement, to variety anything else.”

Hu, 53, had her non-public brush with the disease proper sooner than taking pictures started.

“After having stumbled on out that I got this option, I got a mammogram, and I had — in all of these years of doing mammograms — my first irregular mammogram,” she says. “And it led to me having to obtain extra mammograms and obtain a biopsy. I had a biopsy executed two days sooner than we started taking pictures. So I was as soon as going through, in preparation for this movie, my very non-public fright with breast most cancers. Thank goodness, it came again negative, and I’m ravishing, nonetheless it no doubt was as soon as variety of traumatic to be residing this in honest lifestyles and, you know, doing all this compare for this personality, it was as soon as this form of weird and wonderful twist of fate.”

It took me weeks to in the end shake this personality off. I’ve by no system had an journey this deep.

It handiest added to the intense preparation route of for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month movie by which she stars alongside honest-lifestyles breast most cancers affected person and, in Hu’s words, total “goddess,” Shannen Doherty. (“You may maybe doubtless doubtless by no system think that she was as soon as residing with Stage 4 breast most cancers,” Hu says. “When she walks into a room, she proper fills the room. She’s unbelievable, unbelievable and so edifying and no doubt section of the sisterhood.”)

As for Hu, the weight of the topic cloth positively affected her.

“I had a lot emotion … doing this compare, I was as soon as in tears almost every day. Also in filming, I suggest, no longer proper all the arrangement through the scenes where I felt esteem I had to bawl a lot… All of these scenes!” Hu shares. “I did no longer deserve to [cry]. Nonetheless proper, esteem, it was as soon as there. I was as soon as so spent. And then on the stop of the day, proper feeling so responsible of having such an ravishing lifestyles that I was as soon as given when there are such a huge amount of totally different of us out there who are suffering. It was as soon as so emotional for me. It took me weeks to in the end shake this personality off. I’ve by no system had an journey this deep.”

The breast most cancers storyline is handiest section of the movie, which sides Hu enjoying a demure girl who’s identified with the disease. Her doctor tells her that any teens she’s had will indulge in inherited a gene mutation that will increase their chance of ending up with a identical fate. So she reaches out to the unknown daughter that she gave up for adoption — and that Doherty’s personality and her husband selected her to be their toddler — decades ago. Mother and daughter (Sylvia Kwan) stop up bonding as they write an inventory of issues for Hu’s Brenda to variety sooner than she dies.

Hu, a Honolulu native whose background contains Chinese ancestry, notes that Kwan and many others spirited with the movie are Asian American, a group that she desperately desires to remind to protect up-to-date with their screenings. There is a legend, she says, that they set apart no longer obtain the disease.

“I did no longer know this except proper a number of years ago after I was as soon as requested to variety a PSA about it,” Hu explains. “And that’s the reason why I non-public it was as soon as also fantastic that they solid Asian girls people in these roles. It was as soon as also directed by an Asian girl, Roxy Shih; and our [cinematographer], Daphne Wu, was as soon as also Asian; our gaffer, Haneul Kim, can also be Asian. It’s critical that we obtain the notice out there. Asian girls people can obtain breast most cancers, obviously, my very non-public mother, grandmother, aunt…. I’m no longer particular where this legend started.”

The Susan G. Komen Foundation confirmed the all-too-honest stats, while the Asian American Health Initiative reported in 2018 that Asian American girls people had been the inhabitants segment with the bottom charge of breast most cancers screenings, which in most cases ends in later diagnoses and extra succesful cases.

“You already know, having a mom who was as soon as identified at this form of younger age, it made me very aware that it is going to also occur to me. I’ve been having mammograms since I was as soon as 18,” Hu says. “Getting checked on a trendy basis and making particular, you know, that I stick with it top of it. Also, I got checked for the BRCA gene, and I came out negative, thank goodness. Nonetheless that did no longer stop me from getting mammograms and doing self-tests. It is turn out to be esteem a on each day basis ritual for me, proper section of what we variety after we bathe. I non-public must you further or much less treat it esteem that, esteem brushing your teeth, then you definately doubtless can stick with it top of it. It will not be daunting.”

Hu says that, while she enjoyed enjoying a extra vulnerable personality, she’s up for one other silly e book movie, especially on the heels of the blockbuster success of Shang-Chi and the Memoir of the 10 Rings, Marvel’s first movie with a mostly Asian solid. 

Kelly Hu stars in 2003 movie

Kelly Hu stars in 2003 movie The X-Males. (Photo: 20th Century Fox Film Corp./courtesy Everett Assortment)

“I would admire to indulge in the different to variety that,” she says. “It is this form of fun fashion, due to you obtain to play these characters, proper these fable characters which will be much bigger than honest lifestyles. And, you know, for high-quality I obtain to beat up on guys the total time with my martial arts.”

She laughs.

“I would admire in an effort to sight extra Asian characters, you know, silly e book characters coming out,” Hu provides. “And female at that. I would admire in an effort to sight an Asian female silly e book personality on computer screen screen.”

List of a Lifetime premieres Sunday, Oct. 10 at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

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