‘Swordfish’ at 20: Right here’s the memoir within the inspire of Halle Berry’s $500,000 nude scene within the 2001 circulation hit

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John Travolta, Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry star in the 2001 action movie

John Travolta, Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry star within the 2001 circulation movie Swordfish. (Picture: Warner Brothers/courtesy Everett Collection)

Foremost movie stars traditionally strive to steer clear of motion footage that require gratuitous nudity. However that’s exactly the motive Halle Berry selected to headline the hacker-themed circulation movie Swordfish, which opened in theaters 20 years within the past on June 8, 2001. Midway thru the Joel Silver-produced blockbuster, which also starred John Travolta and Hugh Jackman, Berry’s thriller girl, Ginger Knowles, greets Jackman’s dapper-hacker, Stanley Jobson, by shedding the book she’s finding out to mumble that she’s topless. 

It used to be the first nude scene of Berry’s career, and the actress used to be successfully aware it used to be going to be the true thing in regards to the movie that anyone would be speaking about. The scene became noteworthy extra buzzworthy after Swordfish director Dominic Sena revealed that Berry used to be paid an additional $500,000 — “$250,000 per breast” he reportedly acknowledged — on high of her $2.5 million wage to boom all.

Berry as Ginger in 'Swordfish.' The movie featured her first-ever nude scene. (Photo: Warner Bros./Netflix)

Berry as Ginger in ‘Swordfish.’ The movie featured her first-ever nude scene. (Picture: Warner Bros./Netflix)

That’s a extensively reported part that Berry herself has always disputed. “If I were charging for them, it’d be plenty bigger than $500,000,” she told The Original York Times Journal in 2001. Easy, she’s by no procedure expressed remorse about having Swordfish on her filmography. “It used to be such gratuitous nudity, and some other folks include a articulate with that,” she later told CNN. “Whereas I was making Swordfish, I knew it used to be gratuitous. I by no procedure made excuses for it.”

Opinions on the time weren’t kind to Swordfish, and tons of critics singling out Berry’s topless scene let’s direct of the movie’s overblown excesses. “Despite the presence of Halle Berry’s breasts, Hugh Jackman’s towel [and] John Travolta’s soul-patch … the mind-numbing cyberspace thriller Swordfish smooth leaves us asking: ‘Is that all there is?’” sniffed San Francisco Fable reviewer, Bob Graham. 

Viewed but again this day, the movie is clearly caught between the tip of one generation of large-budget filmmaking and the crack of dawn of another. Launched two years after The Matrix — also produced by Silver — reinvented Hollywood circulation choreography, Swordfish liberally steals many of that movie’s tricks, including its signature “bullet time” enact. In the intervening time, each Berry and Jackman were original off the success of the inaugural X-Males movie, which planted a flag for humorous book diversifications as Hollywood’s dominant blockbuster fodder.

On the identical time, though, Skip Woods’s script is overtly modeled after the overblown circulation motion footage of the ’80s and ’90s — think such traditional Silver productions fancy Commando, Lethal Weapon and The Last Boy Scout. The negligible sage casts Travolta as Gabriel Shear, the chief of a high-secret organization that either perpetuates or prevents terrorism reckoning on how you’re in a position to define his grandiose monologues. 

After his neatly-liked hacker is captured by the FBI — led by Don Cheadle’s without problems-pissed off agent — Gabriel asks his accomplice, Ginger, to recruit Stanley from his post-detention center exile and aid in his most modern scheme: bettering funds from the defunct DEA drug-cash laundering program Operation Swordfish. However Ginger would perhaps well well no longer be who she appears to be like. Midway thru the movie, she finds to Stanley that she’s an undercover DEA agent whose existence would be on the road if her quilt is blown.

Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman in the 2001 action movie 'Swordfish,' which celebrates its 20th anniversary this week (Photo: Warner Brothers/courtesy Everett Collection)

Berry and Jackman within the 2001 circulation movie Swordfish, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this week (Picture: Warner Brothers/courtesy Everett Collection)

Since gratuitous nudity used to be a staple of Silver’s ’80s circulation motion footage, it’s no shock that he took point on incorporating it into Swordfish. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly in 2001, the producer acknowledged that he strongly encouraged Berry — who had a miniature position in The Last Boy Scout as an abnormal dancer — to assemble this the movie the place she reinvented her show camouflage list. 

“I’ve known Halle for years, and I felt this used to be time for her to enact this,” Silver remarked. “I include it’s frigid for the persona and top-notch for the sphere place of job.” He wasn’t completely defective on the last point: Swordfish done its theatrical stride with a valid $150 million worldwide depraved, even though it used to be handily dwarfed by effects-heavy summer motion footage fancy The Mummy Returns, Jurassic Park III and Pearl Harbor.

Berry had her include reasons for agreeing to Silver’s provide — none of which enthusiastic an additional $500,000. Moreover the sphere-place of job success of X-Males, the actress had also no longer too long within the past serene her first Emmy and Golden Globe statues for her star turn within the HBO movie Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, according to the lifetime of the groundbreaking Dusky singer and actress. With those awards in hand, Berry felt emboldened to push herself to strive issues she particularly done without as a younger actress within the commerce. “With the success of my Dorothy Dandridge venture and the excessive acclaim that introduced me, I at last felt that I didn’t include to price myself anymore,” she told EW.  

Berry and Travolta in the 2001 action movie, 'Swordfish' (Photo: Warner Brothers/courtesy Everett Collection)

Berry and Travolta within the 2001 circulation movie, Swordfish. (Picture: Warner Brothers/courtesy Everett Collection)

In another interview with Cinema.com, Berry described how noteworthy she enjoyed playing the “appealing girl” position. “I’ve by no procedure truly explored that a part of myself on show camouflage earlier than. For thus a few years, I acknowledged, ‘No, no, no,’ and tons of it used to be no longer being delighted with myself, being alarmed and wondering what other folks would think. In a roundabout procedure, after the last couple of years of my existence, I affect of shed myself of all of those worries and I include truly, truly top-notch about it.” She also took the opportunity to field the file straight on Sena’s direct about her $500,000 bonus. “I’d sell these babies for capability extra cash.” 

One would perhaps well well even argue that Swordfish is the motive Berry won her first Oscar. Six months after the movie got right here and went from multiplexes, the actress returned to the huge show camouflage in Marc Forster’s acclaimed drama Monsters Ball, playing the alarmed wife of a Death Row inmate (Sean Combs) who turns into enthusiastic with the detention center guard (Billy Bob Thornton) who participated in his execution. The position demanded that every actors to strip down for a raw sex scene that’s light years a long way from Swordfish’s Maxim-stage topless scene.

Berry and Billy Bob Thornton in the 2001 drama, 'Monster's Ball,

Berry and Billy Bob Thornton within the 2001 drama, Monster’s Ball, for which the actress won her first Oscar. (Picture: Lions Gate/Courtesy Everett Collection)

However Berry made it sure she couldn’t include made one movie without the other. “I potentially wouldn’t were in a position to enact the sex scene in Monsters Ball if I hadn’t shown my breasts in Swordfish,” she told the Original York Times Journal. “We shot the sex scene on Day 19 of a 21-day shoot. I always direct Billy Bob and I dated for 3 weeks and then we had sex. The sex scene alarmed me completely, nonetheless courage comes in irregular programs. I test at it now and I include, ‘Who’s that girl up there?’” 

Launched on December 26, 2001, Monsters Ball became a huge player in that year’s awards stride, with Berry winning Easiest Actress honors from multiple critics teams, as successfully because the Screen Actors Guild. All of it culminated in her historic Oscar Night victory on March 24, 2002, when she became the first — and smooth supreme — Dusky actress to purchase the Easiest Actress statue. “This 2nd is so noteworthy bigger than me,” she acknowledged in her tearful speech. “It’s for every anonymous, faceless girl of coloration that now has a wager because this door tonight has been opened.” 

Needless to converse, Berry didn’t give Swordfish a yowl out in her Oscar speech. However she has embraced Ginger’s “appealing girl” legacy in her neatly-liked Instagram feed, the place she regularly posts bikini photos and other revealing snapshots. “I test at it as storytelling in a miniature medium,” she told Yahoo Entertainment in 2019 about her capability to Instagram. “[Instagram] extinct to be a spot for photographers and artists to showcase their work, and now it’s change into one thing the total capability diversified. However I fancy to test at it from that standpoint smooth: It’s about storytelling and photography and class.”

Swordfish is within the mean time streaming on Netflix.

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