Roasted Crimson Pepper Hummus

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  —  by Katie Wells

Salvage you ever asked your child a question, with a stunning accurate idea of the answer you had been going to gain, and then be fully taken all of sudden? How about a eager predict of for hummus, carrots, and crackers for lunch?!

It sounds as if, that’s accurate how accurate this roasted crimson pepper hummus recipe is! Clearly, my formative years approve. Perchance yours will too!

What’s in Roasted Crimson Pepper Hummus?

Hummus is a stunning mainstream meals on this gash-off date. Most of you grasp potentially even eaten it, however grasp you ever idea about making it?

Whenever you haven’t had it, hummus is a pureed meals created from chickpeas (customarily identified as garbanzo beans), tahini (a paste created from sesame seeds), and lemon juice, garlic, salt, and olive oil.

Since I select to lead certain of the lectins in legumes that aren’t smartly soaked, fermented, sprouted, or cooked, I’m a shrimp bit picky about my garbanzo beans. Customarily I take them dry and soak them overnight and then stress cook dinner them. Diversified cases I take them already cooked and canned from a source that has already executed these steps for me.

General, easy, hummus doesn’t include any bigger than the ingredients listed above. Nonetheless, hummus also will likely be customized in all forms of diversified ways. My family in actual fact likes roasted crimson pepper pureed with the chickpeas, however here are a pair of more tips:

  • Appealing Mexican hummus with taco seasoning, jalapeño, and cilantro
  • Mediterranean hummus with roasted garlic, solar-dried tomatoes, and pine nuts
  • Chocolate hummus with cocoa powder and maple syrup

Why Produce Hummus From Scratch?

“Why difficulty?” you furthermore mght can honest quiz. Neatly, for numerous causes:

  1. On chronicle of like most handmade issues! It accurate tastes better. I endure in mind eating handmade caramel corn as a child and then being appalled by the stuff sold in a rating within the grocery retailer. And handmade ice cream knocks the retailer-bought stuff out of the park.
  2. After I construct it myself I will be able to deal with a watch on the fine of the ingredients. Instance: the fine of fish in handmade fish sticks vs. retailer-bought.
  3. Also, it’s tricky to search out grain-free fish sticks. Or the pre-soaked, stress-cooked garbanzo beans I main for this recipe. Customarily it’s more straightforward to accurate attain it myself.
  4. It’s also more cost effective! How great does a salted caramel latte brand at a espresso store? Loads bigger than it takes to construct one at dwelling.

Making and Eating Roasted Crimson Pepper Hummus

While you grasp your total ingredients, making hummus is stunning easy. First, you wish chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans). Whether you employ dry or canned beans is up to you. Whenever you elect to make employ of dry, you’ll want to soak them overnight, rinse them, cook dinner them (preferably in a stress cooker), and wintry them. Clearly, you’re going to must space prematurely for these that’re going to construct hummus from dry chickpeas. Whenever you’re utilizing canned, accurate crack birth the can and supplies them a accurate rinse.

Next, you wish tahini. It’s easy to search out accurate tahini, so I customarily accurate take it, however I’ve heard that it’s stunning easy to construct it.

Pick a high-scamper blender or meals processor, some lemons, salt, garlic, and olive oil and likewise you’re all convey. Add your total ingredients to the blender within the lawful expose, puree till soft, and your hummus is executed.

Now to love it!

How to Attend Hummus

My formative years largely accurate employ hummus as a veggie dip. I accurate lower a plateful of vegetables into sticks or slices and allow them to grasp at it. We also select to make employ of grain-free crackers. I’ve also added it to wraps or thinned it with water to drizzle on salad.

Pretty easy, lawful? Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

Roasted Crimson Pepper Hummus Recipe

An effortless recipe for creamy handmade hummus with roasted crimson pepper.

Route Condiment, Snack

Delicacies Israeli, Lebanese, Pakistani

Servings 10

Creator Katie Wells


  • High-scamper blender or meals processor


  • Lower the bell pepper in half and put off the seeds.

  • Set the pepper on a baking sheet, lower aspect down, and roast under the broiler within the oven till the pepper’s skin is sunless and blistered.

  • Set the pepper in a bowl and quilt with a neat dish towel.

  • Space aside.

  • In a blender or meals processor, blend the lemon juice, garlic, and salt.

  • Add the tahini and blend till it’s thick and soft.

  • Add the ice water whereas the blender/meals processor is running and continue to blend till the tahini is gentle colored and fluffy.

  • Peel the bell pepper and roughly gash.

  • Add the bell pepper, cooked chickpeas, and cumin to the blender/meals processor and blend till soft.

  • While running, drizzle within the olive oil till mixed.

  • Refrigerate or serve in an instant.


Whenever you resolve a easy or diversified flavored hummus, accurate pass over the crimson bell pepper.

Salvage you ever made hummus? What’s your favourite taste?

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