China’s Global Times newspaper says US holds ‘predominant duty’ for Covid pandemic as ‘ideal spreader’

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Chinese tell-backed newspaper the Global Times accused the United States of retaining “predominant duty” for the Covid-19 pandemic after a congressional memoir blamed China for the virus’ spread.

In an editorial on Monday, the newspaper argued “that the US holds predominant duty for the world spread of the pandemic,” calling “every element of what the US has done” to prevent the spread of the virus “disappointing.”

The Global Times particularly listed “four sins” that it charged the US with committing. These encompass being “the ideal spreader of the pandemic” by having the most Covid-19 conditions and deaths in the world, contributing “little to the world fight towards the virus,” doing “little” in organization to manage with the virus domestically, and making China a “scapegoat.”

“The US is the chief culprit of the latest confusion towards easy the explicit blueprint to manage with COVID-19,” the newspaper declared, citing its flip-flopping on insurance policies, divided attitude towards vaccines, and “follow of striking capital first in the fight towards the epidemic.”

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The Global Times in particular criticized the US for blaming Covid-19 on China, arguing that the politicization of the virus’ origins has “undermined world unity towards the epidemic” and “repeatedly interfered with the fight towards the epidemic,” making world action towards Covid-19 “so intertwined with geopolitics that countries simply can’t coordinate their actions and techniques in a unified come.”

“If there was once a world authorities, Biden’s team would maybe maybe be held to chronicle,” the newspaper proclaimed.

On the same day that the Global Times’ editorial was once published, it was once reported that an upcoming memoir from Republicans on the US Dwelling Foreign places Affairs Committee allegedly contained “colossal proof” that Covid-19 had escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China in September 2019 – allegations China has many cases denied.

China, in the intervening time, has known as for an investigation into the Fortress Detrick navy installation in Maryland following a petition by 4.7 million Chinese of us which puzzled whether the location was once the proper origin of Covid-19.

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