Exiled Afghan leader Ghani emerges in UAE, denies claims he fled with MILLIONS in money

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Ashraf Ghani, the US-backed president of Afghanistan who fled sooner than the Taliban, has re-emerged within the United Arab Emirates. In a Facebook video, he defended his actions and denied reports he took hundreds and hundreds in money with him.

Ghani fled Kabul over the weekend, and his whereabouts had been unknown till the UAE confirmed on Wednesday it had welcomed the long-established president and his family “on humanitarian grounds.” 

Extra than one diplomats spoke of Ghani fleeing the nation with suitcases of cash, even announcing he left some at the befriend of at the Kabul airport. Essentially based on the Afghan ambassador to neighboring Tajikistan, quoted by the BBC, Ghani took $169 million with him.

In a ten-minute video on Wednesday, Ghani denied those accusations as “utterly baseless” and “lies.” He claimed he left Afghanistan in present to “prevent bloodshed” and avert “a large grief” and that he became pressured to enact so by his security, leaving at the befriend of his major resources and “confidential documents.”

“I’m in consultation with others till I return in explain that I’m able to continue my efforts for justice for Afghans,” he acknowledged, per a translation posted by Reuters.

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Following Ghani’s immediate exit, the Afghan Nationwide Military surrendered or defected to the Taliban, permitting the Islamist group raise energy in Afghanistan with a lunge that took the US by surprise.

Loads of thousand US and allied troops are for the time being deployed at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, trying to evacuate hundreds of American citizens, allied troops and civilians, apart from to Afghans trying to soar the nation.

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