French doctor arrested for throwing objects at bailiff who came to summons him over prescribing hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19

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A French doctor used to be hauled off to jail following an altercation with a bailiff who had tried to carry him sooner than a talented council referring to his unorthodox (but ethical) prescription of controversial Covid-19 medication.

Dr. Jean-Paul Théron used to be arrested in French Polynesia days after allegedly “throwing objects” at a bailiff who had arrived at his be conscious to summon him to a skilled referring to his consume of the controversial Covid-19 therapies hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, France24 confirmed on Thursday. 

While early coverage of Théron’s arrest implied he had been arrested for merely prescribing the medication, a “Truth or False” section on the French network confirmed it used to be his alleged attack on the bailiff last Thursday that had ended in his “brutal” arrest.

Théron allegedly pelted the bailiff with unspecified objects when the officer tried to mutter him with a criticism filed by the Council of the Uncover of Physicians. The ‘attack’ it sounds as if effect the bailiff out of commission for eight days due to this of damage and stress.

Footage of Théron’s arrest posted to social media reveals the chaotic scene as nearly half of a dozen officers manhandle the doctor out of what appears to be like to be his purpose of job. 

A social media post from an tale purporting to belong to his daughter claimed the doctor had been arrested while washing his fingers after the consume of the lavatory, and spoke of the “brutality and humiliation” and “shock” of being arrested while answering nature’s call. 

One other checklist claimed Théron fainted throughout his arrest, and he does appear to transfer limp at one point while a police officer brandishes what appears to be like to be a taser to support onlookers at bay.

France24 well-known that clinical doctors in France “are allowed to prescribe hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin” and that some clinical doctors are the consume of that treatment method, but added that a French effectively being council had told in opposition to it.

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The Tahiti-based mostly doctor used to be no longer too prolonged within the past quoted by US public radio outlet The World describing the epidemic’s resurgence in French Polynesia as “hell.” Conditions private doubled since mid-July, with so a lot of the country’s 600 Covid-19-connected deaths having taken purpose within the past two months, the outlet stated.

Moetai Brotherson, a member of the French parliament representing French Polynesia, lamented that Paris had been stingy with pandemic attend, and complained that the Macron executive had sent handiest 120 clinical personnel to its out of the country territory, no topic its checklist-excessive an infection charges. 

While some compare private touted hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as being efficient in opposition to the virus, each and each had been condemned within the media and by diverse clinical doctors, and speak of their consume has been all but banned on some social media platforms. 

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