Germany investigates 17 police commando unit officers over sharing of neo-Nazi verbalize

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A community of German law enforcement officers connected to a commando unit are in hot water after Frankfurt prosecutors found neo-Nazi talk in their non-public on-line chats whereas investigating a colleague in a suspected child porn case.

Frankfurt public prosecutors, along with Hesse Direct Police, performed searches at six addresses on Wednesday as section of an investigation into an alleged neo-Nazi ring within the force. All 17 suspects are members of the bid’s police commando unit is known as SEK.

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The investigators stumbled onto the community by probability whereas investigating one other SEK member, a 38-300 and sixty five days-ragged officer suspected of sharing child pornography. The prosecutors, however, it sounds as if found other kinds of illicit verbalize being shared in the unit’s discussion groups.

“Throughout an analysis of the suspect’s cell phones, various discussion groups the set criminal verbalize became once shared by members were known,” Frankfurt prosecutors mentioned in a pronounce.

Seventeen of the accused are believed to indulge in disbursed verbalize constituting incitement of racial hatred or pictures linked to a historical National Socialist group.

Now not less than three officers moreover stand accused of obstruction of justice, as they were members of the offensive discussion groups and “as superiors did not dwell or sanction” the neo-Nazi talk, the prosecutors added. The verbalize became once allegedly primarily exchanged in 2016-17, with the most fresh messages despatched in 2019.

The prosecutors now indulge in 20 suspects, in conjunction with 19 active and one retired police officer. The final suspects are male and frail between 29 and 54.

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Only in the near past, Germany has been rocked by a series of scandals stemming from the invention of stunning-fly radical groups within the ranks of the police and military.

Final September, round 30 German law enforcement officers were suspended in the bid of North Rhine-Westphalia after being accused of sharing Nazi propaganda in non-public discussion groups. 9 more officers from the bid were centered by investigative searches in slack November, after they were accused of indulging in similar habits.

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