Iran blasts ‘suspicious’ reporting as UK Navy company warns of doable ship ‘hijacking’ off UAE

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Real experiences about security incidents in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea are “extremely suspicious”, Iran has said as the UK’s maritime trade company reported a new “doable hijacking” off the fly of the UAE.

“An incident is for the time being underway” some 61 nautical miles (113 kilometers) east of the United Arab Emirates put of Fujairah, UK Maritime Exchange Operations said on Tuesday. The company – which is staffed by Royal Navy reservists and shows marine traffic in the speak – also marked the incident as an “assault, hijacking or kidnapping.” 

The Times newspaper, citing “British executive sources”, reported that a ship named the ‘Asphalt Princess’ became allegedly seized off the fly of Fujairah by a “squad” of about eight or nine armed attackers.

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The ‘Asphalt Princess’ is a Panama-flagged Asphalt/Bitumen tanker inbuilt 1976, according to the MarineTraffic net page that shows a bunch of oceangoing vessels’ actions. The positioning also showed that the ship became certainly sailing thru the Gulf of Oman on the time of the story.

In step with the Times, again citing a executive source, British officers are “engaged on an assumption” that Iran is allegedly in the wait on of the apparent assault. Tehran denied any involvement while branding the experiences themselves “extremely suspicious.”

Iran is willing to build any help to ships sailing thru the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman, Iranian Foreign places Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Tuesday. He added that the Islamic republic is willing to cooperate with other regional states on this discipline and “closely” look at any command connected to commercial vessels.

A minimal of four extra vessels sailing reach the UAE fly reported on Tuesday they had “lost hang an eye on” of steering, consistent with AP. The vessels had been oil tankers called Queen Ematha, the Golden Ideal, Jag Pooja and Abyss, media experiences said. The staunch conditions of those incidents reside unclear.

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Khatibzadeh also said that the foreign ministry considers the experiences about “successive security incidents” in the speak extremely suspicious. The ministry warned other nations against establishing a “untrue atmosphere” in the put to strategy some “political functions.”

Iran’s Modern Guards also denied that Iranian forces had been smitten by any actions against vessels off the UAE fly on Tuesday.

The tendencies come appropriate days after an Israeli-operated ship became focused in what the US described as a “suicide drone” assault that killed two folks onboard. The US, the UK and Israel then unanimously blamed Iran for the assault, vowing a “response” to the assault, however stopped wanting announcing any affirm steps.

Tehran denied any responsibility for the assault and warned the three nations against “any doubtless adventures”, adding that it wouldn’t hesitate to guard its security.

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