Italian ‘king of cocaine’ arrested in Brazil 2 years after escaping Uruguay penal complex

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Brazilian authorities launched the arrest of Italian drug boss Rocco Morabito on Monday evening, practically two years after he escaped from a Uruguayan penal complex whereas waiting to be extradited to Italy over drug trafficking costs.

Italy has sought to imprison Rocco Morabito, dubbed the ‘king of cocaine’, over costs of illicit association and drug trafficking since 1995, having at closing sentenced him in absentia to 28 years within the attend of bars in 2015, later raised to 30 years.

When he was first captured by Uruguayan police in September 2017 after spending 13 years dwelling under a fraudulent identity within the nation, Morabito was one of Italy’s most wished men.

In June 2019, whereas anticipating extradition from Uruguay to Italy to attend his sentence, Morabito and three other inmates escaped the penal complex in Montevideo by technique of a gap within the roof.

On Monday Morabito, the son of ’Ndrangheta crime boss Giuseppe Morabito, was caught by Brazilian police within the metropolis of Joao Pessoa, alongside with any other fugitive, following a joint investigation between Brasilia, Rome, and Washington, DC.

Amongst the costs Morabito has confronted in Italy, he is accused of transporting medication into the nation, guaranteeing their sale, and importing thousands of pounds of cocaine from Brazil.

Also on Italian-German Europol operation detains 31 mafia suspects over drug trafficking and money laundering

With Morabito now in Brazilian custody, Italian officers will seek to resume extradition lawsuits to carry the Italian drug boss to the nation to attend his sentence.

The ’Ndrangheta crime household is accused by authorities of being within the attend of a immense half of the European cocaine change from Calabria, as well to hands trafficking, extortion, and prostitution.

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