Pakistani police philosophize to punish 400 men who groped and robbed female TikToker in public on Independence Day

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Pakistan’s authorities has vowed to punish some 400 men all in favour of the frightful sexual harassment and robbery of a female TikToker in public on the country’s Independence Day, in an event which has “shamed” every Pakistani.

On Wednesday, spokesman for the Pakistani Govt of the Pubjab Fayyazul Hassan Chohan stated the authorities occupy been doing the whole lot of their vitality to bring a full bunch of fellows, who groped, confused and stole from a single girl, to justice. 

“The incident of assault on a girl in Elevated Iqbal Park is a grievous act which has brought shame to the society,” Chohan stated in a squawk.

The incident, which took location on August 14, Pakistan’s Independence Day, easiest came to light after a video went viral on social media.

The video, which has been widely shared, shows the moment a female TikToker used to be approached in Elevated Iqbal Park, Lahore, by a spacious neighborhood of fellows. The boys also can impartial even be seen touching her ahead of deciding on her up and carrying her by the staff.

An prolonged video has been shared on Pakistani tv while every other folks on social media occupy posted extra footage from the evening in an are trying and aid police determine those all in favour of the frightful harassment. 

The girl used to be curiously making a TikTok video within the park when she used to be attacked. Experiences claimed that the boys groped her, tore off her garments, beat her and threw her within the air. She moreover had her mobile phone, rings and cash stolen. 

On Tuesday, Pakistan’s Geo News reported that the police had opened an investigation in opposition to some 400 men allegedly all in favour of the incident. The company reported that they occupy been but to determine any perpetrators.  

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Saturday’s event in Lahore has provoked frequent condemnation with many claiming the horrific harassment has brought shame to your entire country.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party, known as on the authorities to enact their job, including that “the assault of a younger ladies individuals by a mob at #minarepakistan [Independence Day] also can impartial composed shame every Pakistani. It speaks to a rot in our society.” 

Zardari’s colleague, Senator Sherry Rehman concurred, pointing out all those enthusiastic also can impartial composed be build aside in penitentiary, including that she used to be “disgusted” by the misogyny she had seen, presumably online, with every other folks questioning the girl’s “garments, lifestyles, handsome to public areas” following the “horrid” assault. 

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan moreover condemned the events, ironically noting “Rattling I’m sorry…I preserve forgetting – it used to be Her fault!! Unlucky 400 men…they couldn’t aid it.” Moderately a few celebrities including singer Asim Azhar demanded wander from the Prime Minister Imran Khan, asserting the authorities desired to invent an example out of the boys. “We’re headed somewhere very provoking, please close this Mr. PM,” he added. 

sir @ImranKhanPTI i do know other folks spherical you wish to repeat you, that you have to even occupy gotten ‘extra major’ disorders to take care of but if these 400+ men aren’t arrested & made an example out of, the nation will most doubtless be heartbroken & very inflamed. We’re headed somewhere very provoking, please close this Mr. PM 🙏🏽

— Asim Azhar (@AsimAzharr) August 18, 2021

Ruling celebration Senator Faisal Javed Khan replied to the incident and rising calls for wander on Twitter pointing out that the high minister will not be going to tolerate such “violence and barbaric acts in opposition to humanity.” 

The video has moreover been widely shared in India, where sportsman and ragged Particular Forces officer Surendra Poonia used to be fleet to admonish their perennial foe. “Heavenly previous creativeness!” wrote Poonia, including “Right here is Naya Pakistan..Shameful,” a defective reference to Khan’s new vision for the country. 

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