Taliban spokesman says Afghan battle is over, militants convinced ‘foreign forces won’t repeat failed skills in Afghanistan’

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With Taliban militants roaming Kabul’s presidential palace with impunity, the group has declared victory in its two-decade fight against the US and Afghanistan’s western-backed authorities.

Talking to Al Jazeera Mubasher TV from within the palace on Sunday night, Taliban spokesman Mohammed Naeem declared the battle for Afghanistan to be over, bringing up that the Islamist militants had performed their aim of securing “the freedom of our nation and the independence of our other folks.” 

The group’s spokesman then added they assemble now no longer quiz the foreign powers to repeat the error of invading Afghanistan, squarely taking a dig on the US-led coalition’s “failed skills.”

The group then vowed to “contend with the worries of the international community by dialogue.”

Although Kabul became apparently taken bloodlessly, following the abrupt departure of President Ashraf Ghani, reports of executions and violent payback against these steady to Ghani’s authorities shadowed the Taliban’s lightning march on the capital. To those considerations, the Taliban spokesman talked about that his group would offer amnesty to ragged authorities loyalists, and would safeguard foreign embassies and diplomatic missions to Afghanistan.

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Despite calls from the US and multiple international organizations to seem for a political solution with Ghani’s authorities, the Taliban entered Kabul on Sunday stressful nothing less than your total transfer of energy. Ghani’s abrupt departure took the Taliban all of a sudden, the spokesman suggested Al-Jazeera, and following his flight, the president’s ragged aides had been better than willing to dwelling up an straight forward transition to Taliban rule.

“It is my pleasure that I’m conducting the formulation of handing over the presidential palace to the Taliban militants, and it is miles my pleasure that this course of is utilized without bloodshed,” a ragged bodyguard of Ghani’s suggested Al-Jazeera earlier on Sunday from within the palace.

As the Taliban reportedly prepare to advise an “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” from the palace, foreign workers and diplomats, as successfully as droves of Afghans hoping to flee Taliban rule, agree with thronged Kabul Airport. Commercial flights from the airport had been suspended earlier on Sunday as US militia aircraft, carrying troops to conceal the evacuation of People, touched down.

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