US drone strike in northwest Syria killed ‘senior Al-Qaeda leader’ – CENTCOM

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The US Central Recount (CENTCOM) has announced it former a Predator drone to abolish Abdul Hamid al-Matar, described as ‘senior Al-Qaeda leader,’ in northwestern Syria. The US militia claimed no civilians were misfortune within the strike.

“Now we don’t enjoy any indications of civilian casualties in consequence of the strike, which used to be performed the usage of an MQ-9 plane,” CENTCOM spokesman Predominant John Rigsbee talked about in an announcement on Friday evening.

Although the Rigsbee build the strike in “northwest” Syria, CENTCOM named Suluk – a town within the north, reach the border with Turkey, because the placement of the strike. In step with the most most as a lot as date maps of who controls what in Syria, Suluk is within the place managed by Turkish-backed militants.

The “removal” of al-Matar will “disrupt the terrorist group’s skill to additional blueprint and cease world attacks threatening US electorate, our partners, and innocent civilians,” CENTCOM claimed.

A drone strike has been performed by an unknown occasion (doubtlessly the Americans) in Suluk, northern Raqqa. The assault allegedly killed a man named Abdul Hamid, claimed to be a dilapidated leader in Jabhat al Nusra. Very uncommon for strikes to be performed in this place.

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In step with the US militia, Al-Qaeda “uses Syria as a proper haven to rebuild, coordinate with exterior affiliates, and understanding exterior operations,” and “uses Syria as a injurious for threats reaching into Syria, Iraq and beyond.”

Suluk, dangle a few areas the place Al-Qaeda is identified to operate in Syria, is no longer beneath get dangle of a watch on of Damascus. The place is managed by militants traditionally backed by the US and its allies, comparable to NATO member Turkey. 

Also on Pentagon claims drone strike killed Al-Qaeda terrorist in Syria’s Idlib, emphasizes ‘no indications of civilian casualties’

Earlier this month, CENTCOM talked about one more drone strike killed Al-Qaeda leader Salim Abu-Ahmad on a stretch of twin carriageway in Idlib province, additionally managed by anti-authorities militants. 

It used to be in Idlib that US commandos tracked down and killed the self-proclaimed “caliph” of Islamic Insist (IS, formerly ISIS) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in October 2019 – nearly a yr after all IS-claimed territory used to be declared liberated.

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