Amazon Workers Allowed to Re-Vote for a Union After Corporate Interference

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This text is devoted to AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka, who handed away Thursday of a coronary heart attack.

Amazon being the nation’s 2d-ultimate employer, many regarded its Bessemer, Alabama plant workers’ try to unionize in April a watershed moment.

Yet, the outcomes were disappointingly predictable: workers voted 2-1 against forming a union.

Or did they?

A Nationwide Labor family Board (NLRB) hearing officer this week particular Amazon’s interference in the election warrants one other vote.

The Retail, Wholesale and Division Retailer Union (RWDSU), the auspices below which Amazon‘s union would lie, will possess to light unionization happen, states earlier this year the obtain retail big illegally threatened to diminish workers advantages and compromised the election’s integrity by putting a procure pollsequence box outside the warehouse inner stare of warehouse cameras, main voters to have confidence they were below surveillance, a U.S. labor law violation.  

NLRB hearing officer Kerstin Meyers outlined:

“It’s obvious that the sole motive the Employer sought to possess a mailbox installed used to be the likelihood that the Performing Regional Director would characterize a mail pollelection.”

Amazon management furthermore disseminated “vote no” propaganda amongst senior workers.

An NLRB regional director will judge in the arriving weeks whether or now to no longer characterize the re-vote per the board’s advice.

As history reveals, effectively to do companies possess vested interests in preserving their fiefdoms where workers are wholly subservient to undemocratic insurance policies, practices, and stipulations.

The union motion has by no blueprint near with out its piece of battle.

Amazon workers are integral to that American fight.

Bessemer warehouse workers, many of whom whinge of “grueling” 14-hour workdays with most appealing two 30-minute breaks, need Amazon to come up with the money for extra spoil time.

Complaints about now no longer permitting bathroom breaks abound.

Workers feel Amazon betrayed them for now no longer providing better protection from the Covid-19 pandemic.

As every other multi-national corporation terrorized of democracy, Amazon retaliated against the unionization try with $10,000-per-day anti-union measures, in conjunction with contracting with one in every of the ultimate and most expensive union-avoidance law firms, anti-labor consultants, and law enforcement to intimidate workers, union advocates, and the clicking.

Amazon founder and frail CEO Jeff Bezos’ obtain worth increased just about $65 billion the past year during the pandemic.

With a obtain worth of $209.2 billion, Forbes journal lists him as the richest particular person on this planet.

Bezos (who furthermore owns Total Meals and the Washington Put up) is one in every of two billionaires whose wealth grew a mean of $42 billion each week—$7.4 million each hour–the pandemic bared down on us, bigger than $700 billion whole since ideal March.

While he and Amazon management sabotage their workers’ unionization efforts for better stipulations and pay, Bezos made headlines ideal month when he launched himself into space in his rocket “Blue Beginning,” for which Mass. Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted:

The richest man on Earth can originate himself into space whereas over half of the country lives paycheck to paycheck, just about 43 million are saddled with student debt, and baby care charges power hundreds and hundreds out of labor. He can come up with the money for to pitch in so all people else will get an opportunity.


Bezos is one in every of the wealthiest 25 Individuals who enjoyed a $400 billion windfall whereas paying same to a 3.4% tax price.

In step with a record, from ProPublica, revealing leaked IRS tax filings, Bezos paid no federal profits taxes in 2007 or 2011.  

Jeff Bezos will light be the richest particular person on this planet although his workers unionize.

It’s now no longer about money.

It’s by no blueprint about money.

It’s and has constantly been about energy.

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