Biden Appropriate Save Vaccine Mandate Hypocrite Governors On Blast

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President Biden known as out Republican governors for his or her hypocrisy on vaccine mandates exact thru a White Dwelling speech.

President Biden Calls Out Hypocritical Republican Governors.


Biden calls out Republican governors’ hypocrisy on vaccine mandates, “So the identical governors attacking me are in states with the strictest vaccine mandates for youths attending college within the whole country.”

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 16, 2021

President Biden talked about:

But, we’re going thru a diffusion of pushback. Especially from about a of the Republican governors. Governors of Florida and Texas doing everything they will to undermine the lifesaving necessities I even maintain proposed. So the identical governors attacking are in states with the strictest vaccine mandates for children attending college in the whole country. 

As an illustration, in Mississippi, children are required to be vaccinated towards measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, Hepatitis B, polio, tetanus, and more. These are assert necessities. But, within the course of the pandemic, it already has taken over 600,000 lives. I imply a requirement for covid vaccines, and the governor of the assert calls it a tyrannical kind pass. That is the worst selection of politics. It is miles inserting the lives of electorate of their states, especially children, at threat, and I refuse to give into it. 

Biden and the Democrats Need This Fight On COVID.

President Biden and the Democrats know that roughly 75% of the country is with them on their COVID insurance policies. Republicans judge that they will flee own the midterm election by being anti-pandemic protections.

The numbers are with President Biden, and it is main that he is pushing attend on the Republican effort to protect Americans sick. Biden isn’t letting the Republicans flee wild and glide unchallenged.

The Republican governors are hypocrites who impose mandates for everything else but are maintaining Americans sick and death for political carry out, and President Joe Biden is combating attend.

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