Biden Responds Governor Who? And Bursts Into Laughter When Requested About Ron DeSantis

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President Biden despatched Gov. Ron DeSantis a clear message when he spoke back to DeSantis’s disturbing verbalize by responding Governor who?

“Governor Who?”

Video of Biden:

Here is the president responding to my query about ⁦@GovRonDeSantis⁩ utilizing Biden’s words against him to say DeSantis is “entering the vogue” over COVID rules. President Biden: “Governor who?” Peep.


NBC Knowledge’s Kelly O’Donnell asked President Biden about Gov. Ron DeSantis asserting that he became going to face in the form of imposing COVID security measures, and Biden spoke back, “Governor who?” The President then started laughing.

President Biden Squashed Ron DeSantis Adore A Worm

President Biden is aware of that DeSantis is making an strive and elevate himself by picking a fight with the President. DeSantis must flee for president in 2024, and he’s making an strive and existing Republicans that he can fling toe to toe with Biden. The field is Ron DeSantis is a political gentle-weight.

Donald Trump became an incumbent president and a Republican heavyweight, and Biden blew him out in a landslide.

Ron DeSantis is to make utilize of the star of a popular Florida vacationer appeal, Mickey Mouse.

President Biden’s message became resolute. Ron DeSantis isn’t in the identical class because the hot president, and Biden is no longer going to enable his office to be ragged to elevate Florida’s COVID carrier provider of loss of life.

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