Biden Scorches In Scranton As He Nails Trump For No longer Doing “A Single Damn Thing” On Infrastructure

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President Biden returned to his fatherland of Scranton, PA where he passionately spoke about his Compose Assist Better conception and called out Trump for doing nothing on infrastructure.

Video of President Biden:

Biden says Trump did not end a single rattling thing on infrastructure for four years.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 20, 2021

The President acknowledged, “The closing four years, you’d hear every month is, , Infrastructure Month. Didn’t end a single rattling thing Nothing, I imply nothing for four years.”

Biden Used to be At His Straightforward Focus on Ultimate In Scranton

Other folks get too hung up on the buck quantity within the infrastructure kit and neglect about how tall of an achievement the passage of these two items of legislation will most likely be.

President Biden used to be magnificent. For four years, the Trump administration talked and talked about “Infrastructure Week,” nonetheless they by no methodology did one thing. The Trump ineptitude used to be so spectacular that it grew to turn into a working shaggy dog tale.

It doesn’t matter whether the topline quantity is $1.5 trillion, $3.5 trillion. When these bills lag, this could occasionally possibly possibly be a historic 2d in The US. Joe Biden is doing what no president has been ready to end in decades. He’s on the verge of passing a principal infrastructure invoice that can build a difference in American lives for decades to come.

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