Fetch. Ted Lieu Calls On Kevin McCarthy To Resign After He Violently Threatened Pelosi

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Fetch. Ted Lieu (D-CA) mentioned that Dwelling Minority Chief Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) must speak regret or resign after he threatened Speaker Pelosi.

Fetch. Lieu tweeted in response to McCarthy threatening the Speaker of the Dwelling:

Dear @GOPLeader McCarthy: Don’t you think The United States has had ample political violence? You have to never be encouraging or threatening or joking about inflicting violence to somebody, alongside with the Speaker of the Dwelling. You’ve got gotten to speak regret to your assertion, or resign. https://t.co/jdP2bcmr5c

— Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) August 1, 2021

McCarthy acquired’t resign. This is the the same one who used to be compelled by the Dwelling to take dangle of away Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committee assignments and has refused to take dangle of away accused miniature one intercourse trafficker Matt Gaetz from his committee assignments.

Kevin McCarthy thinks that he is going to be the next Speaker of the Dwelling, so he has long gone tubby tilt to conceal up for Donald Trump and strengthen domestic terrorists.

Fetch. Lieu used to be correct. After 1/6, McCarthy must no longer be encouraging political violence.

His phrases were perilous and confirmed a stage of reckless irresponsible that the American folks can inquire of to guide his management if he became Speaker of the Dwelling.

Kevin McCarthy is a hazard to the domestic security of the nation attributable to, correct care for Trump, he is placing his fetch pursuits earlier than the nation.

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