Fox’s Will Cain Doubles Down on COVID Disinfo: “Natural Immunity is Better Than Vaccine Immunity”

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Wednesday changed into a broad day for vaccine hesitancy promotion on Fox News. In the afternoon, Maria Bartiromo got the used president enthusiastic. Donald Trump suggested Fox Switch viewers that booster vaccine photographs are most fantastic being pushed so clinical companies also can invent extra cash. And throughout the evening, host Will Cain doubled down on his COVID misnformation from ideal night.

On Tuesday, Cain claimed that the govt. have to restful be having a gaze into ideas to fight COVID-19 exterior of vaccination. He went even farther on Wednesday, announcing that natural immunity is better than vaccines.

Cain suggested Fox viewers:

Natural immunity is better than vaccine immunity. When you would possibly per chance even have got had COVID, there is now not a real want for a vaccine. Experiences out of Israel point to that T-cell and B-cell immunity. That is the form of long-duration of time immunity you fetch after having been exposed to COVID — makes it approach much less most likely that you just are going to fetch COVID a 2d time, much less most likely than while you’ve been vaccinated. You wouldn’t know this though in The united states. As an illustration while you Google natural immunity versus vaccination, here’s what you fetch on Google. You fetch no outcomes on the Israeli search. It’s most likely you’ll approach up with fully nothing. But while you roam to DuckDuckGo as an illustration, here’s an independent search engine, you would possibly per chance also fetch these Israeli overview that I factual mentioned. And for what it’s rate, Israel is the gold customary in knowledge.”

Take into accout that, 624,000 Americans haven’t skilled the relieve of natural immunity because they died of COVID. And a lot of more will suffer from long-duration of time outcomes of contracting the virus.

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