Greg Abbott’s Threat Now not To Pay The Legislature Backfires And Hurts Republicans

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Gov. Greg Abbott is threatening not to pay the Texas legislature after Verbalize Apartment Democrats blocked his election rigging invoice, however the folk that would possibly perhaps perhaps maybe be injure most are Republicans.

Gov. Abbott threatened to defund the legislature, however the topic is that the two absolute top earners in the legislature are Republicans.

Video of Win. Trey Martinez-Fischer:

Win. Trey Martinez-Fischer (D-San Antonio) sides out that if Greg Abbott refuses to pay the Texas Legislature, he will injure the Republican Lt. Governor and the Republican Speaker of the Apartment who’re the two absolute top compensated other folks in the legislature.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) June 1, 2021

Martinez Fischer urged MSNBC, “Smartly, listen, we don’t again for the compensation. As you mentioned, it’s a minute stipend. However you’re going to injure frontline workers, those who again food and most predominant entertain parking garages, lawn care. Now not to display camouflage official ladies and males folk who feature and construct that capital work treasure lawyers and representatives of counsel. The truth is he can even quiet deem it since the suited budget line items there to spin to the lieutenant governor, who happens to be a Republican, and the Speaker of the Apartment, who also happens to be a Republican, so I’d watch out sooner than I construct that likelihood.”

Abbott is offended on myth of Apartment Democrats walked out aesthetic sooner than the stop of the legislative session and denied Republicans the quorum that they wanted to spin the relate’s entire election rigging legislation.

Texas Apartment Democrats introduced the one thing that Republicans didn’t desire to the relate. All eyes are now on Texas and its voter suppression invoice. Republicans tried to spin this invoice literally aesthetic sooner than the stroke of hour of darkness, however they were stopped by a Democratic walkout, and all Greg Abbott can originate at this 2nd is fume and pout.

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