“He Doesn’t Give a Damn” Explore as Rick Wilson Blasts Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

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The Delta variant is raging in Florida. And the state is nearly setting on daily basis records for conditions of COVID-19. One can even never know how depraved it is a long way, though, within the event that they paid attention to governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis has generally given himself a pat on the support for his efficiency throughout the pandemic. Straight away, nonetheless, the state has become the epicenter for the virus.

The governor doesn’t appear to care. This day used to be the main day of faculty for a ramification of Florida students. And DeSantis appears extra pondering about conserving masks off their faces than conserving them suited from COVID.

Rick Wilson tore into the Florida governor as of late during an look on MSNBC. The used Republican strategist told Pleasure Reid:

“I precise saw his agenda for the next day, no calls with the Department of Health or C.D.C. or hospitals or no calls with county successfully being officials — nothing! He is doing a Ron DeSantis luxuriate in me tour within the state of Florida. I mediate it is a long way conceivable he doesn’t give a damn and doesn’t care.”

The pundit continued, “If it happened during Bob Graham or Jeb Bush or Charlie Crist we would possess done it the supreme manner. We wouldn’t possess had — you know they would possess done the supreme thing. Regardless of whereas you happen to agree or disagree with them politically. They gave a damn in regards to the folks of Florida and so that they had been going to construct the supreme thing. This guy cares about his political future.”

Explore a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:


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