Inherent Contempt May perhaps perhaps Be Coming For Trump And His Cronies In accordance To Get. Ted Lieu

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On Monday, Get. Ted Lieu (D-CA) outlined his inherent contempt invoice that would gorgeous Trump and his cronies $100,000 if they defy a congressional subpoena.

Video of Get. Lieu:

Get. Ted Lieu (D-CA) says that the Home can dash inherent contempt legislation that would no longer desire a Senate vote, and they will purchase motion if the DOJ would no longer prosecute Steve Bannon.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 25, 2021

Get. Lieu instructed MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace on Time restrict: White Home, “I’m hoping the Division of Justice prosecutes Steve Bannon with this referral of the criminal contempt. My alarm is that Steve Bannon will simply litigate this, appeal to it the Supreme Court docket and two years later we can to find a dedication and he might perhaps perhaps trot the clock out. That’s why I dangle launched legislation that enables the House of Representatives to enact what’s known as inherent contempt. We might perhaps perhaps gorgeous witnesses as much as $100,000 for disobeying subpoenas. Then we can stare how Steve Bannon would admire being fined $100,000.”

When asked if he has the give a enhance to to dash the invoice, Get. Lieu answered, “I judge I enact. It has been co-authored by assorted contributors of Congress already. I also point to this doesn’t desire a Senate vote. It’s simply a replace to accommodate rules. So we might perhaps perhaps enact it quite snappy. “

The Home Needs A Backup Thought If The DOJ Doesn’t Prosecute.

Bear in mind that Lieu’s invoice would no longer require a Senate vote due to it doesn’t dangle locking Trump cronies up in the Capitol jail. It could perhaps perhaps perhaps require a Senate vote to detain those learned in contempt, and a Senate vote simply isn’t going to occur.

It’d be tremendous if the gorgeous in Get. Lieu’s invoice modified into even elevated. Steve Bannon has money. He might perhaps perhaps no longer care a few $100,000 gorgeous. 1,000,000-buck gorgeous would to find any one’s attention.

Get. Lieu’s invoice has some teeth in it, and it will possible be a gorgeous backup thought if Merrick Garland’s DOJ drops the ball on prosecuting Steve Bannon.

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