Jen Psaki Destroys Peter Doocy And Fox’s Talking Level About Biden And The Border

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Press Secretary Jen Psaki took aside Peter Doocy and Fox Recordsdata’s talking level about Biden desiring to consult with the border.


Jen Psaki offers to Peter Doocy straight as the Fox Recordsdata talking level of the day is Biden visiting the border, “I would narrate the dilapidated president went to the border no longer decrease than once presumably more. How did that immigration policy figure out? ”

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 22, 2021

Doocy saved pushing on whether Biden conception that he needed to the border for a photo op, and Psaki replied, “He doesn’t, and I’d narrate that’s a classic disagreement he has.  I’d narrate the dilapidated president went to the border at least once, presumably more, that that you can presumably furthermore fair know the numbers. How did that immigration policy consequence? That immigration policy resulted in keeping apart teenagers from their peers, building a border wall that’s feckless and worth billions of greenbacks for taxpayers. The president fundamentally disagrees and how we would favor to potential the immigration enlighten.”

Jen Psaki does a public carrier to the American of us on every occasion that she blows up a bogus Fox Recordsdata talking level on nationwide television. Republicans are repeatedly running to the border for photo-ops, but they never traipse an immigration reform policy that solves the discipline.

Republicans don’t have to resolve the border discipline. They have to make utilize of the racism of border politics as a GOP Accept Out The Vote instrument. They have to scowl and be aware tricky but enact nothing in policy terms to repair a an extended time-long enlighten.

Press Secretary Psaki place Peter Doocy’s Fox Recordsdata lies of their place and reminded each person that visiting the border isn’t the identical as an actual immigration policy beyond racist demagoguery.

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