Matt Gaetz Needs to Introduce a Nationwide “Stand Your Ground” Law on Behalf of Rittenhouse

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If Matt Gaetz desires to honor you, it might perchance perchance well also just be an actual belief to resolve stock of your life.

Kyle Rittenhouse, put up-verdict, has taken stock of his life and stumbled on himself in the firm of folks love Tucker Carlson, Matt Gaetz, and Ex-President Donald Trump, “his kind” of folks. Among these very identical folks, Kyle hasn’t confirmed mighty honest remorse referring to the design in which it used to be he changed into notorious. This is stressful because his film superstar dwelling clearly owes itself to Kyle inserting himself real into a danger, whereby – by all appearances – he wished to be, conserving an assault rifle, feeling threatened by liberal protesters.

Matt Gaetz desires others, folks love him, Tucker, and Rittenhouse, to ride a ways more real safety might perchance perchance well also just soundless they uncover themselves in Kyle’s situation, or, might perchance perchance well also just soundless they survey out Kyle’s situation. Gaetz desires to introduce a national “Stand Your Ground Law,” The law will no longer pass, clearly. Now no longer this journey’ spherical. Nonetheless if and when there is total Republican control of Washington yet again, one might perchance perchance well fear.

Stand your floor prison guidelines are licenses to abolish for oldsters love Rittenhouse, Tucker, Gaetz, and all folks who donated cash to Rittenhouse’s trigger, the “kind” that have taken stock of their lives and dream of doing precisely what Rittenhouse did however would love to enact so without the total bother and fear.

BREAKING: I shall be introducing a Nationwide Stand Your Ground Law following Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial.

You have gotten the honest to protect your life from an attacker. Abolish the true accountability of retreat in every single place.

I’ve had ample retreat. No more.


— Catch. Matt Gaetz (@RepMattGaetz) November 25, 2021

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