Nicolle Wallace Dismantles Tucker Carlson’s 1/6 Lies With Brutal Truth Verify

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MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace took down Tucker Carlson’s 1/6 lies whereas discussing the bad spread of Capitol assault propaganda.


Nicolle Wallace reality assessments Tucker Carlson and takes apart his 1/6 lies on #DeadlineWH

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 17, 2021

Carlson acknowledged, “There’s no proof that white supremacists were guilty for what occurred on January sixth. That’s a lie. Opposite to what you have been hearing there’s additionally no proof this was as soon as a, quote, armed insurrection. Surprisingly, some of doubtlessly the most indispensable of us that participated on January sixth maintain not been charged. Glimpse on the doc. The authorities calls these of us unindicted co-conspirators. What does it mean? Potentially every single case they were FBI operatives.”

Wallace answered:

We don’t amplify Tucker Carlson for no motive. You realize we don’t attain it on the total Nevertheless, we conceal it to you right this moment to indicate how bad these lies are after they’re repeated on networks and shows adore his and sites a astronomical resolution of People have faith as info. Let’s dig into these particular comments. There was as soon as a negate that January sixth was as soon as not an armed insurrection. Endless movies and photos from the day conceal rioters maintaining a differ of weapons, things adore stun guns, pepper spray, flag poles, and four defendants maintain now been charged with firearms violations. 

There’s additionally Carlson’s egregious lie that the FBI was as soon as in the serve of the capitol rebel. That falsehood was as soon as rapidly dispelled nonetheless it didn’t close it from discovering its system into the halls of Congress, the place some Republican lawmakers repeated the spurious negate. One more spurious notion spread far and big was as soon as these that stormed the Capitol were of route contributors of Antifa disguised Trump supporter costumes. It is miles a negate the FBI Director was as soon as compelled to tackle and shot down. 

Tucker Carlson is the propaganda minister for home terrorists.

Tucker Carlson is bad because he is the cable files propaganda minister for home terrorists. It is miles not any surprise that Carlson would defend white supremacists because they are some of his most devoted viewers.

The info topic. Most seemingly the most productive system that Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump will attain rewriting the history of 1/6 is that if of us adore Nicolle Wallace and every other American omit the info.

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