Republicans Desire To Bring Sham Arizona PollAudit To Pennsylvania

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Republican Pennsylvania squawk senators toured the Arizona pollaudit on fable of they are looking out to disclose the sham to Pennsylvania.

Alexa Corse of The Wall Boulevard Journal tweeted:

I asked Sen Dush, “Would you cherish to peer an audit cherish this happen in Pennsylvania of the 2020 presidential election?”

He stated, “Without question. Fully.” #AZAuditPool

— Alexa Corse (@AlexaCorse) June 2, 2021

Mastriano and Kauffman furthermore visited the audit this day, in accordance with this tweet.

— Alexa Corse (@AlexaCorse) June 2, 2021

The Arizona course of that the Pennsylvania squawk senator known as transparent has been labeled a violation of election integrity requirements by honest observers.

The Arizona pollaudit might well be funny if Republicans weren’t intent on utilizing it to spread the Mountainous Lie that the election became once stolen from Trump in 2020.

Pennsylvanians wish to form it sure that they produce not need the QAnon circus in their squawk.

As President Biden enjoys approval rankings that modify in the fifties to low sixties, Republicans are spinning their wheels and attempting to execute democracy by persevering with to contest 2020.

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