Republicans Reeling As Voters Blame The Unvaccinated/GOP For COVID Surge

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The Republican concept to weaponize COVID against Democrats has failed as voters blame the unvaccinated and GOP politicians for the COVID surge.

Politico reported on a novel Politico/Morning Consult Poll:

The thought additionally learned that about half of of all voters blame the unique wave of infections that glean despatched numbers spiking equally on the unvaccinated and on political leaders against conceal-wearing and social-distancing mandates. About one-fifth of voters acknowledged neither is accountable; 14 p.c blamed the unvaccinated totally and another 7 p.c focused the politicians.


Essentially essentially based on the ballot, extra than 8 in 10 Democrats and no decrease than half of of independent voters wish to require vaccinations for all Individuals (except for those with clinical conditions), for workers who work in their situation and whenever you trudge to gyms or leisure venues. Nonetheless those requirements are supported by roughly 35 p.c of Republicans, who invent the finest neighborhood of unvaccinated Individuals.

A little of lickety-split math reveals that 71% of respondents blamed Republican politicians, the unvaccinated, or each for the COVID surge.

That. Is. No longer. Right.

Republicans Are Accumulated Getting The COVID Topic All Depraved.

After Republicans lost the entirety in 2020, one might doubtless per chance stammer that they’d reassess their facing of the pandemic, but since this Trump’s Republican Party, they glean doubled down on their failed procedure, angered the bulk of the nation, and are killing their supporters.

Until one thing vastly adjustments, COVID might possibly be an project in 2022, and it might possibly doubtless additionally tag Republicans any likelihood that they’d of superior reduction the Dwelling and Senate.

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