Senate Republicans Lift Out Act Of Political Terrorism And Vote To Blow Up The US Economy

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In an act of political terrorism, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans unanimously voted in want of blowing up the US economic system.

Senate Republicans Vote To Cancel The US

As Accept. Invoice Pascrell (D-NJ) attach aside it:

Each mcconnell republican correct voted to explode the total economic system and launch a despair for no motive excluding for the explanation that President is a Democrats.

— Invoice Pascrell, Jr. (@BillPascrell) September 27, 2021

Obviously, the mainstream media is relaxed-selling the Republican vote to abolish the economic system:

How’s their pass to throw the nation into economic chaos going for Republicans?

— Ammar Moussa (@ammarmufasa) September 27, 2021

As traditional, the company media are happily taking part within the neutral of stenographer, and no longer reporting on the penalties of what Senate Republicans chose to assemble.

If a default occurs the economic system will drop support into recession, and 4.5 million American citizens will lose their jobs, which is a terrific act of intentional cruelty brooding about that hundreds and hundreds of American citizens already misplaced their jobs as a result of closing Republican president’s intentional neglect of the panemic.

Senate Republicans are taking part in political terrorism.

Senate Republicans win made no calls for. They assemble no longer ought to negotiate on the debt ceiling. They haven’t listed any priorities. The Republican purpose is to injure the US economic system and motive the American folks peril for political safe.

Democrats will no longer cave to the terrorists. Osama Bin McConnell will wear the authorities default round his win neck and the necks of Senate Republicans as they head into the 2022 election.

Republicans voted to deliberately wound their very win constituents. They voted for companies to close, and folks to lose their jobs. They voted for eviction, poverty, homelessness, and despair.

The US can’t let the Senate GOP terrorists agree with close.

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