Ted Cruz Calls The Military Pansies As Biden Honors Their Carrier

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Sen. Ted Cruz blamed the left for turning the defense pressure into “pansies” after President Biden honored their carrier.

Cruz tweeted:

I’m playing lefty blue checkmarks shedding their minds over this tweet, dishonestly claiming that I’m “attacking the defense pressure.”

Uh, no. We luxuriate in the greatest defense pressure on earth, but Dem politicians & woke media are attempting to present them into pansies.

The original Dem videos are awful. https://t.co/19pYGa8cYk

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) Might well 21, 2021

Cruz tweeted a video that claimed the US defense pressure is broken-down thanks to ladies folks, elated, and transgender folks serving, which became the premise for his claim that the left is popping the defense pressure into “pansies.”

The ladies folks, elated, and trans folks who positioned on the uniform on a regular foundation are doing something Cruz never did. They are risking their lives and serving their nation.

Ted Cruz allowed Trump to insult his wife, father, and family, and his response became to attain nothing.

Sen. Cruz thinks that by participating on this 1990s tradition battle nonsense, he’s punching his discover to the 2024 Republican nomination, but Ted Cruz might perhaps well well well no longer ever be president.

Cruz tried to hide his attack on the defense pressure by blaming the left, but Joe Biden celebrates the troops whereas Ted Cruz calls them pansies.

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