They Don’t Receive to Elaborate Patriotism: Look for Fox Knowledge Contributor Rip Trump Supporters Over Flags

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Over the final different of years, Conservatives fill acted esteem they are the factual patriots in the county. They frequently claim that they care extra about issues esteem the military and the police.

And one thing that’s basically significant to correct-wingers is the American flag. MSNBC pundit Mara Pleased lately mentioned the procedure Trump supporters impress the flag. She mentioned of a recent incident the assign she saw dozens of vans with both Trump flags and American fags, “If truth be told, the message used to be optimistic … ‘That is my nation. That is no longer your nation. I dangle this.’”

No longer suprisingly, the anchors at Fox Knowledge blasted Pleased over the feedback. For the length of a weekend look, Fox contributor Marie Harf blasted the response. She told Howard Kurtz, “I develop mediate one of the significant crucial media coverage on one of the best severely used to be rotten faith.”

The pundit continued, “Look, there could be a search recordsdata from on this nation — I even fill encountered it — the assign of us on one of the best accuse me as a Democrat of no longer being patriotic. They affirm they dangle patriotism, they dangle the flag and they bag to opt what meaning.”

Harf closed her feedback, “Among the media response used to be in rotten faith. I develop mediate Trump supporters, reasonably a range of them I’ve encountered, seem to mediate they bag to justify what patriotism is. We could maybe maybe fair aloof fill that dialog no longer in a rotten faith manner in the media.”

This used to be an impressed phase for Harf. Fox used to be clearly twisting Pleased’s phrases to fit their memoir and this used to be a trim manner to name that out.

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