WATCH: Accumulate. Jackie Speier, Who Modified into Shot by Cult Contributors, Compares Trump to Jim Jones

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Jackie Speier is aware of a thing or two about cults. Support in 1978, whereas serving as an aide to Congressman Leo Ryan, she used to be shot 5 events by participants of Jim Jones cult.

For the final 14 years, Speier has served as a US congressperson. And he or she neutral now not too long ago told CNN that she sees different similarities between Jones and Trump.

The California Accumulate. told CNN’s Brian Stelter:

“You witness at Donald Trump, a charismatic chief, who used to be ready to continue to discuss in phrases that appealed to other folks who like been disaffected, disillusions and who like been in search of out something, very like other folks who grew to became half of Jim Jones’ congregation, the Peoples Temple. They like been lost souls, and the valid incompatibility between Jim Jones and Donald Trump is the actual fact that we now like social media. So all these other folks can fetch themselves in suggestions that they couldn’t fetch themselves prior to.”

Speier persisted, “The gargantuan lie has now been embraced by the bulk of participants on the Republican aspect in the Dwelling of Representatives. They are in point of fact disquieted to discuss truth. They know that the election used to be now not stolen. They know that it used to be held well. They know that there used to be now not large fraud, and yet they’ll continue to mouth these words because their chief, Donald Trump, desires to listen to them.”

Explore a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

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