WATCH: CNN’s Dr. Ashish Jha Rips Into Taylor Greene For Celebrating Low Vaccine Charges

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With the delta variant surging in red states, Republicans don’t seem all that fascinated by combating the virus. Rand Paul unprejudiced recently promised to fight any precautions intended to restrict unfold. And Ron DeSantis is extra fascinated by banning masks than stopping Florida’s rising COVID discipline.

Marjorie Taylor Greene unprejudiced recently took it a step farther, celebrating Alabama’s low COVID vaccination rate. CNN’s Pamela Brown mentioned the moment real thru a Monday suppose.

The host asked Dr. Ashish Jha, “But you accept as true with all this steady files that you’re attempting to set up available and plenty of doctors towards wrong files coming from politicians esteem Marjorie Taylor Greene. You unprejudiced noticed congresswoman Greene congratulating an Alabama crowd on its low vaccination rate. From a scientific standpoint, how unhealthy is it to be sending that message a few vaccine that can well seemingly live this pandemic?”

Dr. Ashish Jah rips into Marjorie Taylor Greene and plenty of politicians pushing COVID disinformation.


The Doctor answered, “It’s puzzling on some stage, because for any hundreds of disease, you seemingly can now no longer turn to your political leader for scientific recommendation. Whenever you happen to had cancer or whereas you had a coronary heart assault, you wouldn’t name up your congressman or lady and teach, ‘What’s the particular remedy I could per chance well seemingly also nonetheless fetch? [Politician should] let the final public health and physician leaders switch forward on tips on how to fetch this thing below administration.”

Greene’s opt is an dumb one, however many replacement GOP lawmakers are refusing the scoot the vaccine. And if they continue to enact so, their states may per chance well seemingly live wide awake with a effort on their fingers.

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