WATCH: Fox News Bill Hemmer Embarrassingly Claims Karl Marx Wrote Mein Kampf

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Many of today’s Conservatives capture to review Democratic insurance policies to historical events or works of literature. This was once most evident with

Marjorie Taylor Greene. On multiple occasions, the controversial GOP Salvage. tried to review hide mandates to Nazi Germany.

The hosts of Fox News capture to make utilize of the the same notice. Whether or now now not themselves or their viewers has any concept what the guide is about matters shrimp. All that matters is creating an emotional and furious response. So you’ll hear plenty about socialism, marxism, communism, and loads others.

Bill Hemmer was once making an strive to make utilize of this tactic at some stage in his Tuesday articulate. The Fox host told viewers, “I keep in mind 20 years broken-down going to Trier, Germany and looking to gain the dwelling of Karl Marx cuz, y’know, 1848 — he wrote ‘Mein Kampf’ I want to know what it’s all about.”

Mein Kampf, which implies my battle was once published in 1925. Marx, most neatly-known for penning The Communist Manifesto (along with Friedrich Engels), died in 1883. The particular creator of Mein Kampf was once future German Chancellor Adolf Hitler. In the guide, the then imprisoned Hitler laid out the reasoning within the aid of his vehement anti-Semitism and his future plans for Germany.

Later within the articulate, a sheepish Hemmer needed to existing his mistake to the target audience, “I misspoke. 1848. Karl Marx. The Communist Manifesto.”

Later on within the program, Bill Hemmer says he misspoke when he said Karl Marx wrote Mein Kampf. “I misspoke. 1848. Karl Marx. The Communist Manifesto”


While Democrats will more than likely be contented to dunk on Hemmer for his mistake, the viewers of Fox News are now now not at possibility of care. They’re already moderately acquainted with a heaping servings of pretend files.

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