WATCH: MSNBC’s Ari Melber Rips Ron DeSantis as “The Poster Child of COVID Disasters”

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As Florida cases of COVID-19 private risen over the old few weeks, Ron DeSantis hasn’t regarded attracted to doing the relaxation to wrestle the disaster. Genuinely, the ambitious Republican has dug his heels in on custom war points.

And while DeSantis specializes in colleges and masks, Florida hospitals are being overloaded with COVID sufferers. During a Wednesday monologue, Ari Melber ripped the Florida governor as “the poster little one of COVID failures.”

The host began by discussing DeSantis’ attempts to fundraise by bashing Dr. Anthony Fauci. “They’re hocking t-shirts as well to coozies,” he talked about. “For a governor within the center of a lethal virus, the principle level right here can be, develop up.”

Melber persisted:

“What he’s doing is a MAGA-vogue trolling mumble within the center of a lethal outbreak. He actually tried to ban any verification route of to search out out who’s vaccinated. That factual comes all of the vogue down to data. So, he’s the one looking out out for to in a extremely1984-vogue method, restrict data while claiming he’s for liberty and freedom. How operate you know that’s over the line? I’ll give you one share of reasoning. A federal take no longer too long ago blocked Florida’s are attempting to ban that create of vaccine data asserting that vaccine documentation or passports can no longer factual be banned outright by the narrate. It’s no longer esteem Gov. DeSantis can stop non-public mission. Properly, he tried to retain out that, too.”

At this level, the governor doesn’t care about retaining of us in his narrate protected. He’s finest attracted to combating the custom war that he thinks the Republican celebration requires from him.

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