Ford F-150 hybrid: The 2021 rumble ahead of the Lightning EV strikes

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Paunchy-size pickup trucks are the meat of the U.S. automotive industrial; it’s a red-hot category with the Ford F-150 main the pack in sales and the Chevrolet Silverado and Ram pickups posthaste followers.

However the air is thin on the tip. What’s gradually misplaced in truck coverage is how fiercely automakers compete to woo discerning customers with packaged bundles of non-compulsory and same old aspects. And now, bigger than ever, these packaged bundles count closely on in-automobile tech.

Ford, as the tip seller, must add bells and whistles with out alienating its most discerning clientele. The 2021 F-150 — as I changed into reminded throughout a recent test pressure — epitomizes this effort and hints at what is to arrangement support with the upcoming all-electric Lightning pickup truck.

I examined the 2021 4×4 SuperCrew Lariat equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 PowerBoost Paunchy Hybrid engine in its native suburban Detroit, 20 miles from the attach it changed into developed and manufactured.

Getting the particulars ethical on pickup trucks is an art of customized packaging for automobile corporations. It’s one in every of the causes that alternate solutions programs are dizzying; the F-150 I examined changed into no exception. The F-150 provides six assorted powertrains, three bed lengths and three cab alternate solutions, after which there’s eight spruce stages, two-wheel pressure and four-wheel pressure alternate solutions.

This alternate solutions-heavy arrangement has paid off for automakers love Ford. Nonetheless, as these corporations add more tech and software program, there could be a risk of inflicting confusion among its most valid customers.


2021 Ford F-150 interior

2021 Ford F-150 interior. Image Credit: Ford Motor Company

What gadgets the F-150 rather than other vehicles in its lineup is how unparalleled functional tech issues to its core customers. On the contemporary mannequin I examined, a 12-poke allege that homes the typical Sync4 infotainment machine is the heart of the dashboard — and the client experience.

Sync4 changed into launched on the Mustang Mach-E and on the contemporary Ford Bronco. Sync has been gradually making improvements to for a more straightforward user experience since its 2007 introduction. Sync4 doubles computational energy and launched over-the-air software program updates.

The machine sources knowledge from INRIX on visitors, construction (repeatedly in a Michigan summer season), weather and automobile parking space availability from knowledge in 20,000 cities and 150 countries.

Natural language processing ancient within the machine provided more pleasurable responses to my bid-primarily based mostly queries and incoming SMS messages. One caveat rate noting: It changed into subtle to take care of the machine learning algorithm because my test automobile had been ancient by a few drivers in contemporary weeks.

For infotainment, I in general defer to Apple CarPlay, which along with Android Auto, is easy to call up, since it connects wirelessly within the F-150 and minimizes distracted using. Ever since they debuted in manufacturing vehicles — 2014 for CarPlay and 2015 for Android Auto — it looked inevitable that Apple and Google had been going to dominate the middleware infotainment machine sport.

Sync also tees up supported apps Waze and Ford+Alexa.

Riding tech

Riding a corpulent-size truck for the first time may maybe perhaps furthermore furthermore be intimidating, and Ford makes use of camera tech to fabricate the gigantic rig more straightforward to maneuver. The ruin up display conceal helps a terrified driver feel assured navigating by tight spaces.

Five onboard cameras act as guides that abet with steering and parking. The radiant graphics included into the 360-stage take a look at up on from above helps to study bearings the attach mirrors obtained’t suffice.

In the support of the steering wheel is a 12-poke digital cluster. There’s piece of me that misses the extinct-customary gauges of a classic pickup, however that’s no longer the route Ford is heading. Ford is striving for future-forward vibes, encapsulated by Mustang Mach-E’s Apple-manufacture-inspired elegant.

By blueprint of its in-automobile manufacture, Ford is attempting to fabricate the case it’s a tech company first, and a 120-one year-extinct automaker second. These earnest elegant cues shall be a runt too on the nose as merchandise age over time.

Ford is because of the introduce Blue Cruise, a worldly driver assistance machine it once called Active Power Reduction, on vehicles later this one year by an automated software program update, which changed into no longer yet active on the mannequin I drove in June, though the hardware changed into included.

The corporate claims the machine enables for fingers-free using in zones that span 100,000 miles of North American avenue and shall be same old on the F-150 Puny vehicles within the Ford Co-Pilot360 Active 2.0 Prep Bundle. This can furthermore furthermore be provided as an likelihood on Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum fashions. The machine makes use of a driver-going by camera to track watch search for and head space to visual display unit focus as an resolution to GM’s Orderly Cruise.

The doodads that matter most

2021 Ford F-150

2021 Ford F-150’s interior work surface. Image Credit: Ford Motor Company

Under the foot-long display conceal are the extinct-college knobs and switches that allege Ford knows its customers unruffled settle on a handbook cue here and there. Under that may maybe perhaps furthermore very smartly be a shift lever that folds down and flat into a 15-poke workstation, which I ancient for some in-automobile notebook computer time.

There are enormous charging stations and wireless charging all the blueprint by the cabin. Whereas the F-150 interior is colossal, every poke of valid property is rigorously thought by. Seats fold to 180-levels for ethical roadside naps or to add additional cargo space.

The darkish grey leather-primarily based mostly seats felt more utilitarian than luxurious, notably for a fully loaded automobile. (Crosstown competitor Ram tends to outdo Ford on using pleasure and interior manufacture aesthetics.) The exterior and interior manufacture emphasizes performance, pure and simple. I hauled two kayaks within the support and found considerate hooks to connect with my bungee cords within the truck bed.

A bevy of 240-volt stores are within the rear of the truck bed and two more are onboard within the cabin. The truck bed also has a convenient ruler built in on the tailgate with both metric and imperial calculations. A 2.4 kilowatt generator is same old on the hybrid mannequin, while the non-compulsory 7.2 kW generator functions for 32 hours on a corpulent tank of gas.

I didn’t test out the F-150’s towing ability, however for truck of us these numbers are very vital. It has a payload of two,120 kilos and may maybe perhaps furthermore tow up 12,700 kilos (these numbers differ a runt reckoning on bed length and drivetrain). It also provides a backup towing abet map, which helps align the connection to a trailer. The mannequin I drove changed into priced at $68,095, a extensive leap from the $50,980 irascible designate. In distinction, Ford produces an staunch elevated-conclude F-150 spruce called the Puny, which begins at $73,000.

Characteristic in come by

Earlier than it goes all electric, the hybrid powertrain provides Ford a unparalleled wanted enhance to compete with Ram and Chevrolet, which already promote hybrid variants. The hybrid likelihood is a logical compromise for patrons who aren’t ready for the corpulent Lightning EV that can hasten on sale in 2022, a originate that’s already generated buzz and 120,000 pre-orders. I clocked about 24 miles per gallon, an say over all-fuel and easiest in its class for non-diesel. It’s unruffled no longer satisfactory to secure Ford wherever shut to a stellar emissions document card, which is why the Lightning issues so unparalleled.

As a means to court contemporary EV customers, Ford must appease its contemporary consumers who desire all these trucks we search for on the avenue right this moment. There’s two sorts of pickup truck customers: Of us that count on the performance for their day-to-day vocation or the weekend warriors and these that search for out the ability in case they may furthermore need it in a catastrophe distress. The truck that I drove does the job of intelligent to both.

The F-150 has repeatedly been superior to consumers who use it for home say projects, outdoorsy hobbies and towing. Pickup trucks also give a take care of to laborers that require a rugged, functional automobile. When Ford introduces anything contemporary to this mannequin, it creates hype and high stakes on how these customers feel about tweaks.

2021 F-150 Lariat interior in shaded. Image Credit: Ford Motor Company

The customer who seeks safety came to tips while I had the F-150 on loan in slack June, which is why I’ve saved the piece about the blueprint it drives for closing. My test pressure period coincided with a summer season storm that pummeled Michigan and shut down necessary highways and left vehicles stranded for days.

Earlier than the storm, I zoomed around town, adjusting to the gigantic unfastened steering and wide turns and the rhythm of stillness that occurs as the hybrid engine regenerates.

Once the storm came, I eased off the throttle and into a typical and particular tempo, fingers at 10 and two. Passenger vehicles and lesser edifying crossover SUVs floated by me in two feet of water on the Hotel Puny-secure entry to motorway. The F-150 plowed by the muck, unbothered. I didn’t experience any skidding or stalling, in distinction to 1 buddy who changed into pressured to stroll home because her Uber driver obtained stuck. The F-150 feels love a test case for a survivalist in an environmental catastrophe. The backup generator is the added safety blanket.

Paunchy-size trucks beget an innate effective to fabricate a driver feel invincible, which on the tip of day is why of us admire their F-150s, and why the corporate has gotten so unparalleled mileage off that “Ford tricky” tagline. It’s a delicate steadiness, holding an unfussy truck at a designate level that delivers energy, substance and peace of tips.

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