The Equity crew riffs on the Intuit-Mailchimp news

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Hello and welcome succor to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture-capital-targeted podcast the build we unpack the numbers within the succor of the headlines.

We are succor! From this morning, I narrate. However the news cycle doesn’t look forward to our publishing time desk, so the Equity crew got together to yammer all in regards to the Intuit-Mailchimp acquisition.

A $12 billion deal composed of stock and cash, it’s a broad one. And as Mailchimp has both a historic past of bootsrapping and a founding sage in a non-Silicon Valley city we had heaps to chat about.

As a frequent reminder, for these that assign hear to the designate, hit us up on Twitter as we are doing extra and additional of these Areas. They are stunning and relaxed fun, so don’t take them too seriously. We favor to have a neutral correct time.

Alright, Equity is succor on Wednesday with our progressively scheduled programming. Chat then!

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